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Thick & Curly - Hair Care Value Bundle

Thick & Curly - Hair Care Value Bundle

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Everything you need to care for thick & curly hair. Perfect for hair typical of biracial folks, Latinos, Mediterraneans, Arabics, Desi and other cultures legendary for exceptional follicles. 

How to use: 

  1. Shampoo - use weekly on wet hair
  2. Warm water rinse
  3. Mask - use weekly on clean wet hair
  4. Cold water rinse. 
  5. Conditioner - use weekly, leave in. Mix 3:1 conditioner and mask for curls. use weekly, leave in.
  6. Hair Oil - apply to scalp. Can be used daily to keep hair looking fresh. 
  7. Style
  8. If you need a refresh throughout the week, mix conditioner with water 3:1. Spray or drip in and style. 
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