Our Story

Several Images showing our journey as a company compiled as a collage.

The Butters emerged in the winter of 2015, born out of necessity, curiosity, and a limited budget. I was grappling with multiple challenges: managing my thin, moisture-resistant hair, combating ashy skin, and meeting the high standards set by my new relationship for quality friction relief. Traditional solutions, from high-end salons to budget dollar stores, had only led me down a path of expensive disappointments.

Drawing upon my extensive background in both home and professional cooking, combined with a boldness that comes from not knowing what you don't know, and the ample free time of an underemployed college-educated millennial, I decided to create my solution. This journey led to the inception of The Butters Original, The Butters Lube, and, unexpectedly, to a throng of satisfied customers.

While I am proud of my creations, the overwhelming positive feedback was a delightful revelation. This encouragement propelled me forward, and within a year, The Butters Hygienics Co. was born.

The Butters is here to validate your feelings. Many store products do fall short. My vision with The Butters is to deliver superior, tailored solutions without the hefty price tag – something even I, with my limited means, can afford.

Big brand claims can be misleading. Often, it's their vast scale and intricate structures that compromise both the quality and value of their products. Contrarily, The Butters stands tall on the pillars of simplicity, transparency, and innovation.

Whether you purchase directly from our online store or from one of our selected retailers, you can be assured of receiving the freshest products straight from the heart of our operations – our kitchen in Ypsilanti, MI. Moreover, I'm always just an email away. I'm Jerome, fondly known by many as The Elusive Butter Dude.

Your feedback and queries are always welcome. Thank you for your visit.