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The Butters Hygienics Co.

F*** You. Pay Me. | Parfum Roll-On #21

F*** You. Pay Me. | Parfum Roll-On #21

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No. 21 F*** You. Pay Me. is an amazing woody floral and citrus scent.  It smells like sweet money. More specifically, it smells like the wearer should be bathed in warm honey and doused in Tubmans. My #2 fragrance of all time. 


Scent profile: 

Top: orange blossom, vanilla, and dry sage

Heart:  powder, rose, lilly of the valley, and jasmine

Base: musk, honey and shea



Situation: Day or Nite

Expression: Unisex

15ml Roller ball (styles may vary)

Parfum concentration

Aged 18 months


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