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Anti-Itch ❌ Scalp Oil - great for dry, flaky scalp

Anti-Itch ❌ Scalp Oil - great for dry, flaky scalp

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Ditch the scratching, patting, picking, and those old wives' remedies. Dive into instant relief for that dry, itchy scalp of yours. Whether you're grappling with dandruff, plaque, or just plain dryness, a few drops of our magic blend and you're set for comfort that endures. 


How Anti-Itch Scalp Oil Works 

  • Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower Oil): 
  • Hydrates dry areas, preventing flaking. 
  • Rich in linoleic acid, beneficial for scalp health. 
  • Cannabis Sativa (Hempseed) Oil: 
  • Balances oil production, avoiding overly dry or oily scalp. 
  • Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which soothe the scalp. 
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil, 5%: 
  • Natural antiseptic; combats microbes causing itchiness. 
  • Reduces inflammation and symptoms of dermatitis. 
  • Vitamin E (Tocopherol): 
  • Antioxidant properties; protects against environmental damage. 
  • Supports skin healing and reduces inflammation. 


Perfect for Every Hairstyle:  

Whether you sport braids, twists, or any other hairdo that needs a dry environment, our blend is your ultimate match. Experience the magic of our ultra-thin "dry" oils. Watch them penetrate deep into your scalp, hair, and roots, remedying dry skin, promoting new skin growth, warding off shedding, combating microbes, minimizing flakiness, and boosting blood circulation! 


Why It's A Must-Have: 

  • Short Hair: Ideal as a daily styling agent. 
  • Long Hair: Say goodbye to shedding and root shrinkage. 
  • Colored Hair: Enjoy vibrant colors for a longer span. 



  • 2oz Bottle (closure may differ) 
  • Neutral in scent, pure in effect. 
  • Keeps good for up to 2 years post-purchase. Adhere to standard oil storage practices for prolonged shelf life. 



  • For immediate itch control - Simply apply a drop to the itchiest area. Allow it to warm and spread by itself or assisted. You should have relief within 60 seconds. 
  • For long term care - Stimulate the scalp with a comb or your finger tips. Try to loosen/remove dead skin, dandruff, product, etc from scalp. A simple 1:10 apple cider vinegar rinse (any will do if it's all you got), or Arianna's Clay Hair Mask treatment will do the job. Part hair. Apply to scalp, roughly 1 drop per 2" inch. Allow it to warm and spread by itself or assisted. You should have relief within 60 seconds. Apply 2x per week for best results. 



I made this for Bubby and his flaky/itch scalp. He went from creating snow storms of dandruff from constant scratching to rarely scratching and no flurries at all. When we go through with a fine tooth comb, usually a few small flakes, but the difference is amazing. Sure, he could get rid of them completely if he used it as directed, but, apparently 2x per week is too much to manage for him.   

Personally, I only use it when my head gets itchy. My scalp is delicate and scratching creates scabs, which lead to more scratching. It's horrible. Thankfully, if I do two drop and wait, I'll feel better in a min or so. 

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