The Bad Bitch Butterface n' Body Bedtime Routine

The Bad Bitch Butterface n' Body Bedtime Routine

Jerome showed you practical skin care. Alexa showed you that doing a little more can make a huge difference in your face game. And while I love my coworkers, I’m not basic like them (jk only Jerome is basic 💁‍♀️). So, I’ve been appropriately tasked with creating a skincare routine for the ultra-luxurious and bougie crowd. The Bad Bitch Butterface & Body Bedtime Routine if you will. I didn’t disappoint.  


Step 1: Gather the necessary accoutrement.

1.      This routine is deeply personal. This is what I do whenever I want to feel like my best – like I’m stepping into my true extra bougie bad bitch Saitama final form.

2.      For this type of routine, you need to make sure all items are close. It can get overwhelming if you do not have all products in place. You will need:

3.      Face and body towel (tumble them in the dryer on low setting for a few minutes so they’re extra warm when you are ready to get out the shower!)

4.      Perfume

5.      Candle (my favorite brand currently is Noure Essentials)

6.      Hanging eucalyptus plant (you can get them at Trader Joe’s for $3.99)

7.      Exfoliant such as our lavender melody scrub

8.      Your favorite butters such as Anti-Aging w/ Hyaluronic Acid

9.      Melatonin, I prefer the liquid version.

10.  Humidifier

11.  Silk sleep mask


Step 2: Setting up for the experience.

First off, I take a serving of the melatonin to ensure I will have a great night’s sleep. My routine takes me about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how lively I am that night. So, I time the dose for right the right time to hit just after it’s all done.

Next, I have my body towel folded on top of my toilet with my jar of Butters Body Moisturizer & Parfum. Since they will be used in as soon as I step out of the shower, having them available before I even step out the steamy cocoon of my shower just feels better. I put my scrub near the shower as well since I need it at the end of washing up.

Then, I get my atmosphere right with the eucalyptus plant. To release the scent of the eucalyptus plant, you must massage the leaves. So, I take a moment to massage the leaves and then hang it up on my shower head (see picture). If you want to take a sec to give the old girl a pep talk, I’m sure she’d enjoy it.

Lastly, I light my candle, turn off the lights and hop in!


Step 3: Scrub that bawdy and Face (gently)

So, yes, while I am incredibly extra, I am also conservative when it comes to creating extra laundry. I just feel like there’s no need to use more than one wash towel at the time. So, I start from the top and work my way to the bottom when it comes to cleansing my body.

Since this is a nighttime skin and body routine, I double cleanse my face with an oil or oil cleanser and then follow up with a face wash such as our Detoxifying Facial Cleanser. I’ve been using our new unreleased oil cleanser and it’s been doing gang busters. For the oil cleanser, I suggest only taking about 15 seconds to cleanse your face, and then take the full 60 seconds with your regular facial cleanser. If you still feel weird about using the same wash towel for your face and body, simply allow the shower water to run over your face to rinse and use your hands to apply.

For the second cleanse, I use bar soap such as my favorite bar: Blu-calyptus. It keeps with the eucalyptus theme, but I also get a great lather from it. Honestly, feel like bars are superior to body wash.

Since I am a person with a vagina, I use the honey pot sensitive wash. I simple squirt it into my hands and manually wash myself, ensuring I am gentle in that area.

Next, I hit my legs and feet. I follow up with a scrub, (typically BLKICE) to slough off any stubborn skin. It is important to scrub AFTER washing your body because you already get a gentle exfoliation from your chosen instrument of washing such as a cloth or loofah. The scrub cranks it up a notch. I choose to apply the scrub in circular motions on my entire body to ensure I hit every nook and cranny. Then simply rinse off, and voila! Another great shower complete.


Step 4:  Butters up!

At this point, your shower is complete, and you are ready to move on to moisturizing. I immediately slather on a Butters body moisturizer; I am currently making my way through my Motherfucking Mediterranean Fig Butters (Up next is both Hippie & Hood Bitch w/ Good Pussy and I can’t wait).

Once you have effectively covered yourself head to toe in your body weight in Butters, I gently take a towel and pat off any excess. You can also allow yourself to air dry if you have the time. After drying off, I apply my current favorite parfum, Rosehip Reishi, to my pulse points: wrists, front of my chest, nape of neck, behind ears and the back of me legs.

Now you’re clean and smell delicious enough to eat.


Step 5: Finish Your Face

The order of products is relatively simple. Since I am not moving around at night, I want to absorb/retain as much moisture as possible:

1. Tone – I use the Anti-Aging Facial Toner or Lemongrass Gunpowder Green Tea. I simply spray it on from the 16oz bottle to rehydrate my face.

2. Moisturize – For night, I use a thicker moisturizer such as the Healing Cocoa Butter Moisturizer and an eye cream, that does not contain any active ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acid. You only need a pea sized amount for the cocoa butters, and an even smaller amount for the eye cream. Simply emulsify by rubbing your hands together then massage the butters in. For your eye cream of choice, gently pat it in with your fingertips all over the lids and under eye until it is absorbed.

3. Seal – I use about four drops of our anti-aging oil to seal everything in. I rub it into my hands, similar to how I would with the cocoa butters, but I just press my hands onto my face instead of rubbing the product in.

4. Extra – For my lips, I apply our complete care conditioning balm and then seal it in with a lip mask.

After these steps, I am done! This may be TMI but I sleep naked except for a mulberry silk eye mask, this helps keep the moisture into my eyes at night and keeps me from waking up through the night, since it forces my eyes closed.

The last thing I do before finally closing my eyes for the night is fill the tank for my humidifier (and blow out my candle). A humidifier does wonders for keeping moisture in your skin and eyes, and it has truly made an effect on clearing up my skin and keeping my lungs healthy.

It may sound like a lot, but this routine has done a ton for my mental and physical health. It improves my quality of sleep and even boosts my self-esteem. It is important for every person to find a routine that works for them, and I hope you were able to take something away from this that will change your life for the better.

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