4 unexpected valentines' gifts guaranteed to wow

4 unexpected valentines' gifts guaranteed to wow

Valentines 2022 comes on the 2 year anniversary of COVID-19. It’s a rough time for love and romance. But not all is lost. There’s a ton of way to celebrate your relationship, connection & sensuality, even in these auspicious times. Here’s some of my favorites!



Sex is one of those gifts that keep giving and taking. Yes you can have sex every day of the year but how often do you really and I mean really go at it? How often do you slow down and make it an entire event?

Whether it’s baths & massages or spankings & bondage (or a mixture), make it ritualistic. Worship your partner’s body. Extend the moment. Enjoy all the sensations. Lock yourselves away – that shouldn’t be hard during this time. We don’t often get the time to do that and it may take some work to make it happen but it'll be oh so worth it.

Rent a hotel room for a change of scenery. Buy some of those color changing lights. Buy some fancy champagne. Don’t forget the candles and incense.


Don’t forget your Butters Gift Set!


Nourish your intentions and find your purpose in this Tantric Connection Gift Pack for Couples


Cultivate self-love through the sacred art of self pleasure! Cultivate self-love through the sacred art of self pleasure! Can be used for solo or couples sexual healing sessions


Get 1 of all of our bath bombs. This is the perfect gift for bath bomb lovers!


Get all 3 of our world-class lubes in a gift-ready box!


Manifest beauty & prosperity for the people you love with this purposeful gift set!

Loving Service Kit

Show them what they mean to you with gifts, quality time and acts of service.



Homemade Dildo | DIY Penis Clone Kit | Clone-A-Willy (cloneawilly.com)

For Valentine’s Day, a sex toy, especially one you can use together, is generally a pretty good gift idea. If it’s sort of ridiculous and sexy at the same time, even better. The clone-a-willy kit by empire labs is all of that. The clone-a-willy kit is a penis molding kit that allows you to make a replica of the penis of your choice. But not just any replica, a usable vibrating dildo replica.

This particular gift is great because it allows you to have a little fun together while naked without having sex. It’s goofy, fun and cool way increase intimacy in your relationship. Plus, in the end you get a vibrating replica of your favorite penis.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, think about how much more fun Skype sex will be. If your guy has a hard time getting it up, why not keep a memento of the rare erection for future fun. If nothing else, you can get messy and have a something interesting to stick on your wall.

Since the end product is silicone, it’s compatible with The Butters: Lube, too!


A Photoshoot

This option can go a couple ways: either you can take photos/have someone taken them of you or you and your partner can do it together. The later is probably gonna be more fun if possible.

All you have to do is go out and pick up a few outfits, they can be fun, silly, slutty or even non-existent. Make sure to get oiled up with Butters or Cake Icing. Light some candles for that dark moody lighting that makes everyone look and feel sexy then take a camera of your choice and get to snapping. If there’s a bottle of wine or a few shots of Jack involved, then you’re definitely doing it right.

Don’t be afraid to be as ridiculous or as raunchy as you want. The point is to spend some time laughing, joking and talking. Although you’ll have photos as a memento, the real gift is quality time.


A Road Trip

There’s nothing like landscapes and the closeness of a long drive to bring you closer. You don’t even have to go anywhere super special or picturesque. I personally love a small town near a lake – something cozy. You can also just take a long day trip to do something cool like an aquarium, zoo, garden, museum, sex toy store, national park, haunted house, cemetery, or whatever else strikes your interest. Hell, you could even just drive somewhere isolated to smash. It’s the effort and journey that makes it special.


Now you may have noticed that these gifts mostly revolve around spending time together and that’s the point. There’s no gift you can ever buy that would mean more than some quality time.

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