Bruise Soother Butters w Arnica X Calendula

Bruise Soother Butters w Arnica X Calendula


Say hello to elevated bruise aftercare, however you got them. By popular demand, Bruise Soother Butters w/ home-slow-cold-extracted arnica & calendula is here for the clumsy, kinky, post-surgical, and easy to bruise among you!

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Say hello to elevated bruise aftercare, however you got them. By popular demand, Bruise Soother Butters w/ home-slow-cold-extracted arnica & calendula is here for the clumsy, kinky, post-surgical, and easy to bruise among you! Packed with the healing power of Aloe X Shea Butters, the antiseptic & analgesic effects of arnica, and the healing nutrient boost provided by calendula, Bruise Soother Butters is ready to ease your discomfort!


Usage: Apply a thin layer up to 3x daily. Melt between hands and apply to area. Rub in will help it absorb but if that’s too much just let it melt on you. Great to use before or after a massage or as kink play aftercare. External usage only.

Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Elaeis Guineensis (Sustainable Palm) Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Olea Europaea (olive) oil, Vitis vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Arnica Montana Flower Extract, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar Gum), less than .5% potassium sorbate, Glycerin & Acetic Acid (apple cider vinegar)

Allergen info: Arnica products may cause allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to ragweed and other members of the Asteraceae/Compositae family (such as chrysanthemums, marigolds, calendula, sunflowers, and daisies)


How Bruise Soother herbs works:

Calendula: A nutrition packed anti-inflammatory, healing powerhouse. One of the strongest anti-viral herbs known to humans. Also, highly anti-bacterial. Packed with flavonoids and other antioxidants. Its flower extracts are also known to soothe muscle spasms, constipation, and as such PMS and PCOS related symptoms. Speeds healing, even in slow healing wounds and ulcers. An animal study saw 90% wound closure (healing) in 8 days with calendula topicals vs 51% closure with the no treatment control. Supports circulation and blood flow to applied areas. Fights gingivitis, bad breath, and improves overall oral health.

Arnica: flowering herb related to calendula and a classic remedy recently finding new life in modern herbal remedies. Lauded for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, topical analgesic. Found often in blends for bruising, arthritis relief, muscle soreness, scrapes, dandruff, sore throats, & eczema. Today, it's primarily used for ointments, creams, gels and other external applications. Great for post-surgery care.

How The Butters works:

For pure, easy to absorb moisture, we have aloe juice. To give your skin essential vitamins and lipids we have coconut and grapeseed oil. To protect from the elements and give your skin time to fully absorb the thinner oils, we add soybean and palm oil. For extended release moisture, conditioning and protection from ashiness, I add shea. To hold that moisture to your skin, balance shine and absorb sweat, we have guar gum. Finally, to make sure you're balanced inside and out, clean and shining healthily, we add apple cider vinegar.

Nothing else you've tried will match the results or harmony that The Butters creates with the body. Inside and out, it works without worry. No one should be forced to choose between being ashy or greasy. Nor should we have to buy a menagerie of products at a hefty markup to help our body do its thing. The Butters works so well because it doesn't try to manufacture quick results; it supports and balances what you've already got.


Please note: Use for no more than 2 weeks at a time is generally recommended. The problem should be solved by then - if not, see your doctor. Not for use in pregnant/breastfeeding persons or ingested by children. Arnica still needs more study for potential side effects and medicinal interactions. In extremely large concentrations, it can be an irritant to mucus membranes. As with all exotic plants, use with caution.


The FDA would like me to tell you:

+ All products are for external use only, unless otherwise noted.

+ All products are preserved in some way. Adding anything, heating, or sticking dirty fingers in the products may contaminate or compromise their preservation.

+ Natural does not mean healthy and perfect for you; lead and uranium are 100 percent natural and vegan. Always use caution when exposing yourself to new materials. If you have questions or concerns, drop us a line at

+ We don’t make medicine, but sometimes we use FDA-approved drugs. Drug facts are included with those products. All claims are made with the best available information, updated with the latest science. Once we’re bigger, we’ll be funding science of our own. Until then, we’ll have to rely on a few centuries of folk knowledge to round out our modern knowledge.

+ No “cosmetics” company is required to submit recipes to the FDA. Our facility (apartment) isn’t inspected, but it is managed to ServSafe standards.


Unless noted:

+ Made at home with love and expertise by The Butters Hygienics Co. in Ypsilanti, MI.

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