Lube: Palm Grease | KNOW YOUR BUTTERS

Lube: Palm Grease | KNOW YOUR BUTTERS

Palm Grease: Your Ultimate Pleasure Companion


  • Oil-Based Personal Lubricant
  • Not-Latex Safe
  • Safe with silicone and most other toy materials
  • Safe in the vagina, anus, and mouth
  • Does not promote yeast infections 
  • Made for skin to skin intercourse
  • 100% Sustainable, Vegan, Non-GMO


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Welcome to the world of Palm Grease, an ultra-thick lubricant designed for extended pleasure and exploration. Here's why Palm Grease should be your go-to choice for an unforgettable experience:

1. Velvet-Soft Texture: Experience a velvety texture like no other. Palm Grease provides an unmatched sensation that will make you reconsider using anything else. It's the perfect companion for those extended stroke sessions and intimate moments.

2. Skin Conditioning and Repair: Enriched with all-natural fatty acids, Palm Grease not only prevents tears but also conditions your skin. Say goodbye to rough hands and nails as it softens and evens skin tones. Additionally, it reduces wrinkles, blemishes, and aids in faster skin healing.

3. Palm Paradise - Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil: Our lube is crafted with sustainably sourced palm oil, ensuring not only smooth glides but also a commitment to our planet. Palm Paradise is not just good for your body; it's great for Mother Earth!

4. Glorious Grapeseed - Antioxidant-Rich Goodness: Dive into the antioxidant-rich goodness of grapeseed oil. Palm Grease is light, non-greasy, and all about that vino-vitality, enhancing your pleasure with every use.

5. Vitamin E Euphoria - Repair and Rejuvenate: "E"-levate your intimate moments with Vitamin E Euphoria. This ingredient doesn't just moisturize; it repairs and rejuvenates, making your experiences even more radiant.

6. Compatible with Various Materials: Palm Grease is compatible with a range of materials, including silicone, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, PVC, sil-a-gel, lamb skin, and polyurethane. However, it is not recommended for TPE, Cyberskin, jelly, rubber, or ABS.

7. Temperature Sensitive: Handle with care – Palm Grease is temperature-sensitive. Keep it away from heat, with a melt point at 90°F.

8. Vegan and Edible: Enjoy guilt-free pleasure as Palm Grease is 100% vegan, edible, and wheat/gluten-free.

9. Quality Compared to Other Brands: Compared to other big names, Palm Grease stands out with no additives, a smoother texture (especially when melted), skin-specific healthy fats, pH balanced formulation, and it's made for sex. It's comparably priced, aesthetically pleasing on your nightstand, and blends seamlessly with your body’s natural lubrication.

10. Shelf Life and Usage Tips: Palm Grease boasts a shelf life of approximately one year, with the best-by date clearly marked on the jar. Remember to discard it if it smells stale or undergoes any color changes.

Elevate your pleasure with Palm Grease – the lube that's as good for your body as it is for the environment. Slide, glide, and ride with nature's best for an unforgettable experience! 🎉🌱💦

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