Lube - Palm Grease: Extra Greasy (All Sizes) | Product Media & Descriptions

Lube - Palm Grease: Extra Greasy (All Sizes) | Product Media & Descriptions



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Product Descriptions

Dive into an indulgent experience with Palm Grease. Our carefully formulated lubricant melts into a velvety texture, designed for prolonged intimacy and exploring new dimensions of pleasure. Lightly scented, it offers a multi-sensory experience that is unparalleled.


Key Ingredients:


Elaeis Guineensis: Sustainably sourced palm oil known for its luxurious texture.

Coconut Oil: Enhances smoothness and provides a pleasant scent.

Vitamin E (Tocopherol): Offers skin-conditioning benefits and protection.



Safe With: Silicone, glass, wood, ceramic, leather, PVC, sil-a-gel, lamb skin, and polyurethane.

Not Recommended For: TPE, Cyberskin, jelly, rubber, ABS.

Note: Not compatible with latex.


Product Highlights:

Skin Care: Enriched with natural fatty acids that nurture tissues to prevent potential damage. It also softens hands, evens out skin tones, and promotes quicker skin recovery.

Melt Point: Transforms into its sumptuous texture at 95ºF.

Eco-Friendly & Health Conscious: 100% vegan, edible, and free from wheat/gluten.

Quality: Stands out with no additives, a silky texture (particularly when melted), skin-friendly fats, pH balance, and non-hydrogenation.

Purposeful: Specifically designed for intimate moments, it seamlessly blends with your body’s natural lubrication.

Aesthetics & Value: An elegant addition to your nightstand that doesn't compromise on price.

Shelf Life: Remains at its best for approximately 16 months.

Palm Grease is not just a lubricant, but a holistic experience that takes care of you and your body. Experience the difference today.

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