Hey guys! Mr butters here and today we're going balls deep in our keep it juicy hair mask.

I’m so silly! Let's go!

This is what it looks like fresh made in the pot super smooth and luxurious just like you deserve. Designed for coarse curly hair, keep it juicy hair mask is nourishing volumizing and incredibly curl defining take a look.

And we achieve that with some of the world's best ingredients. The base is roughly 90 percent nutritious earth, specifically bentonite and the ultra-premium rhassoul clay. That's the red stuff you see on screen right now and yes, it is basically the same stuff that is used for pottery.

This is what cleans and deodorizes your hair. It's also primarily responsible for all the slip and curl definition you get.

Next up we have the oils! This includes castor oil, tea tree, essential oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, pomegranate seed oil, chamomile essential oil, and rosemary essential oil.

The oils nourish your hair and enrich it with all the vitamins minerals and fatty acids it needs to thrive. And did I mention it's so easy to use!

I'm gonna go in the shower real quick I’m gonna wet my hair thoroughly and I’ll be right back.

Okay so like I said I’d be right back. So, my hair's soaking wet right now. Just need to get a little bit of that water out so it's not dripping all over my face. Then you take your wonderful hair mask keep it juicy, juicy. Keep it plump.

*Doja interlude*

And just get a big ol group of it looks like that. You start at the front (hopefully without getting it all over your forehead). Now you see just by wetting my hair, my hair is wonderful and well taken care of - thanks to the keep it juicy duo. But we can start by just simply applying it.

Depending on how much hair you have, if you've got like a full head of hair a four-ounce jar might um be just enough for like one time. But if you've got enough hair like me, it'll be enough for two. And we do offer a discounted pack that allows you to get two so you can do your hair um a little more often or like uh cleanse your hair a little more often if that's what you're into.

*Few moments later *

Okay now you might be surprised to know that with a clay hair mask you can still do things like this:

*Shakes hair manically*

And we're Black. All right so it's been about 30 minutes and my hair is nice and soaked in. The tips are getting a little dry and it's ready to come out. So, I’m gonna go ahead and jump in the shower. I’m gonna rinse this out and then… um maybe not jump in the shower. I’m gonna rinse it out and then I’ll be right back with you.

*a few moments later*

Okay so now that we're rinsed let me take a look in the mirror let's see my hair looks so nice okay so take a look at this texture it's big it's beautiful. It feels soft. It feels light and airy. It smells really good it smells really good. That's one thing that's an important thing. And it um it feels nice and smooth it doesn't feel stripped at all. It still has a nice like um natural like slick texture to it like the follicles feel really nice.

Believe it or not that's actually it! All you got to do is wet your hair, apply the mask, rinse it out and you're done. But of course, it's always best if you follow up with conditioner like I did here.

Okay so now we've got my trusty rake comb and my keep it juicy conditioner. And we're gonna start by just doing a little bit up front. I’m not gonna do my whole head on camera but I’ll show you how it looks.

Now on camera you can see how nice that looks. The curls are individual plump, and this is not a twist out anymore. I done washed my hair now. Now it just looks great! Pretty cool.

So, I’m gonna take it and since what I’m gonna do is uh in fact twist my hair for a twist out. So, I’m gonna do it in just a couple big twists um to keep it healthy. Also, I’m getting my hair braided this week so we're preparing for that.

So, we're gonna start (for real this time) here with just this one first big one. Pulled separated the hair out.

*Sprays myself in the eye*

Don't spray in your eye like I just did. Luckily, it doesn't sting.

Rub it through. Now this feels really nice. It's very slippery. I’m getting um loose hair. Like I, I don't really comb my hair too often so I’m getting loose hair which is nice.

It's time to get my ends clipped.

But it's actually not so much (shedding). So, I’m actually pretty happy with that. But let's pull this big poofy back give it another spray. All the way down to the end so everything's nice and covered. Make sure you get on the front as well especially if you're doing a lot or like a big section of hair. That’s it, right down to the roots.

Each squirt doesn't give you a huge amount of conditioner. So, you might have to do quite a few depending on how thick or thin your hair is. But that does give you the variability of being able to use it on many different types of hair. My hair just eats up product. I can just have a ton a ton of product in it, and it just looks great. Like it looks better than normal. But a lot of other people can't do that. So, for them I like to have options. And now I’ve got hair stuck to my fingers.

Let me give one more comb through. Yeah, there we go there we go! That's what I like to hear! A clean swoosh. Nothing, no tightness, no breaking. Even with my, even with the ends that need clipping. But I’ll just like let you get real close on that. You see how smooth and beautiful that looks.

And then my two strand twists. Um we all we're going to be making another instruction video on how to do two, two strand twists but I’m just gonna do it right now right in front of you.

Nice and chunky thick. Make sure you wipe your hands in between so you're not transporting hair um like loose bits of hair in between your in between your twists. I tend to do that.

Oh, look at my hands looks so nice and soft from the conditioner. That is a pleasant little benefit. Because everything we make is actually so moisturizing when you're done your hands will be buttery smooth.

It's the butters

Now that we've gone super in depth into our face… now we've gone deep into why our keep it juicy hair mask is a life changer for people with coarse and curly hair. But you may be wondering, can I just go buy these clays and oils put it together myself and that should be good enough.

The answer is yes you can and it's very easy in fact here's a recipe:

So, you're going to need one quarter cup rhassoul clay as well as one quarter cup bentonite clay. You're just going to mix those two together and then set them aside. And start with your oils specifically seed oils.

Like i said before in this case I’m going to recommend jojoba, apricot, castor, and pomegranate. But we also considered sweet almond oil and hempseed oil when we were making our formulation. Grapeseed oil will work great as well. And now on to the essential oils.

We use tea tree to help with like dandruff and making sure the hair is extra clean. Then there's chamomile essential oil. We use roman chamomile because I think it smells really pretty.

Lastly and this one is one that people often try kind of shy away from because it's a food product but rosemary essential oil. It is fantastic for hair growth and overall, her hair health. If you get it in your hair routine, I promise you, you will see a big difference.

Now when it comes to these seed oils, you're going to want to use about a teaspoon (or 2) each. When it comes to the essential oils, you're going to want to use about a total of one to two teaspoons. Uh that that should be good for most people. But if you want to have a more tea tree you could say you have like dermatitis, dandruff, or something like that - or you just know what you're doing uh with essential oils, I could I say you can go up to maybe four teaspoons in this recipe um safely. So just be wary of that and you should be all good.

I wish you all the best of luck. Thank you so much for watching. And I’ll see you next time! Mr butters out!

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