Wash yo' ass, you're worthy

Wash yo' ass, you're worthy

The Butters Bus to new experiences keeps rolling. This week, we’re proud to bring you an entirely new collection of moisturizing, detergent-free body cleanser bars! In the time of social distancing, Tres Butters Body Cleanser Bars are here to help you get closer with yourself.

Zanita offering up our new creations.

 We started this tour of life affirming sensations with parfums. The collection is sickening, iconic, the definition of WAP (Wonderful Ass Parfum). Still, we understand not everyone is trying to get their stank on. In fact, if you're like me, you're just trying to keep up with showering (and meds) during this festival of sameness known as COVID-19.


I made this collection of Tres Butters Body Cleanser Bars with the express purpose of reminding myself that showering is a friend, not a chore. Having used these wonders for a few weeks, it’s definitely done the trick. Being able to look forward to something new, the experience of using/smelling/feeling the bars, and the peace of mind provided by a warm shower has made me desire to bathe my body again.


Taking that step has opened time for mindfulness, new ideas, and a sense of control over my life. Washing thine ass is about more than just being clean. It's also about feeling clean, worthy, and like someone cares about you. Considering I make every product thinking "they are going to gag" you know I care but having that within yourself is the most hygienic sensation one can enjoy.


Even if you choose another cleanser or hygienic experience, take the time. You deserve. Remind, prove to yourself that you're worth because I know you are.


Love & Moisture


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