Meet Kayla Warner: our sex positive, neurodivergent writer, artist and educator!

Meet Kayla Warner: our sex positive, neurodivergent writer, artist and educator!

Who is Raven Warner?

I am a body positive, sex positive, neurodivergent creator and educator. I write reviews, educate about neurodiversity, kink, pleasure, etc. I also take pictures and draw, amongst other things.

Why did Raven choose to be an Affiliate for The Butters Hygienics, Co.?

I chose to be an affiliate for The Butters because I love all the products that I have tried. Everything is cruelty free, vegan, and handmade, which I love. This is a company that I am proud to represent and promote!

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"The Butters Hygienics -  Soothing Cocoa Butter Body Lotion w/ Lavender and Tea Tree Oil

Are you in need of a product that makes you feel, and smell, like a million bucks? Try the Soothing Cocoa Butter Body Lotion from The Butters. I wanted to find a product that would be incredible for pampering myself, plus I wanted to support a small, black, lgbtq owned business. This was just the thing! Not only does this product help with dry skin, but the lavender and tea tree oils makes using it SO wonderfully relaxing. 

The Soothing Body lotion has a base of cocoa butter, with additional added (natural and vegan) ingredients such as vitamin C and E, olive and grape seed oils, aloe, plus good ol' coconut oil. This combination of oils plus the added 'soothing' power of lavender and tea tree oils makes for a wonderful experience.

Upon ordering this particular product from The Butters store, I was warned that I would most likely have to spend a little bit of time warming up the bottle with my body heat before it was going to be easily squeezable. When you use thicker creams and oils such as cocoa butter and coconut oil, they do tend to be a bit temperamental based on temperature, but this turned out not to be an issue. When I received the bottle, I was immediately able to squeeze the stuff out and use it with no problems.

Upon first squeeze I was a bit worried, simply based on consistency, but this turned out to be so far from my mind once I rubbed the golden goodness around in my palm. What starts out as a pretty awkward pile of congealed lotion, quickly turns into a luxurious, creamy, fragrant, and spreadable lotion.

Personally, I used this lotion mostly for tummy and elbow hydration, but I also tested it on other problem areas of my body. After shaving I used it as a soothing balm and my skin felt incredible. Plus I did notice I had much fewer ingrown hairs than I usually do. Not sure if this was because of this lotion specifically, or if I just needed to start lotioning after shaving, but either way, I was thrilled.

The bottle states that this product is great for everything from itchy/dry skin, to bug bites, and I believe it! I have extremely dry elbows and after using this product for a few days, they were back to normal. Plus the design of the bottle with the nifty little loop at the top and the thinness allows it to be taken on any type of adventure, whether you're running to the store or hiking through the woods.

I would sincerely recommend this product from The Butters. Being a small business that makes all their products by hand, you know you'll be getting quality and, as the labels state, love with each order. The Butters has so many amazing products for all the different ‘self love’ needs in your life. “

“The Butters Hygienics - PMS Rescue with Sage, Epsom, and Evening Primrose

I was on the hunt for some more small businesses to work with when I got in contact with The Butters.  They asked which product I was interested in reviewing.  After telling them that I have PCOS, they recommended me trying the PMS Rescue Cream, and it was better than I could have imagined!

PMS Rescue is hand made using all vegan ingredients.  There are an abundance of luxurious oils like coconut, soy, and grape seed.  To make things even softer, they add in aloe and shea.  There are many other incredible ingredients, but to make this the PMS Rescue, they add Epsom Salt, Peppermint, Neem, Evening Primrose, Clary Sage, and Lemongrass.

When I used this, I had some back pain and cramps.  When I went to sleep, I rubbed this all over my lower back and pelvic area.  The smell of this cream lulled me right to sleep and I slept amazing!  I woke up feeling refreshed and my skin had never felt better.

Unfortunately, I did have a somewhat negative experience when using this the first time. Since all the materials and ingredients are natural, with no added chemicals, the smell that I woke up to the next morning was not entirely pleasant.  I'm not sure why or what happened.  After contacting The Butters, they let me know that the batch that I received was probably an older one and was instructed not to continue use. They sent me another one and that one was MUCH better.

After trying this product, you can bet your moisturized behind that I will soon be stocking my home with as many Butters products that I can.  I love supporting small businesses even more so when all of the products are handmade!  There is so much love put into every single bottle.  Please, try The Butters for yourself!”

“The Butters Hygienics Co. Lube Trio

After reviewing the Soothing Body Lotion and the PMS Rescue, I gladly accepted the offer to review the Butters Lube Sampler. I have heard so many amazing things about all of the lubes from The Butters, so to finally get the chance to test them all is wonderful. I am a true Butters convert!

Palm grease, AKA the lube for 'dick stroking, fist fucking, and other high viscosity needs'. This lube is so multi functional. It's the thickest Butters lube that you can get and it lasts a good long while. You can use this for all your sexual needs as well as bodily needs. It's great for your skin because of the natural fatty acids and smooths even the roughest hands.

If you've tried any cocoa butter product you know how amazing it smells, and this is no different. The Cocoa Butter Lube is fantastic, although undoubtedly my least favorite of the bunch. It takes a bit of heat to get this lube moving but once it does, it works like a charm. This is a great option for those of you who have various allergies and have a hard time finding a lube.

The Aloe and Shea Butter Lube is my favorite, for a good reason, it's the original! This was the first lube that The Butters created. They've reformulated it to make it that much more incredible. It's definitely the lightest and loosest of the batch, which doesn't make it easy for hardcore sex usage, but it feels the best on my skin. It's so silky and luxurious!”


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