CBD, payment options, shipping, and store updates!

CBD, payment options, shipping, and store updates!

You might've noticed that payments on Getthebutters.com have been a little weird lately. It started with our payment options dropping to just PayPal in August. That was due to selling CBD products. Stripe ganked my shop but said I could have it back if I removed them.

Since having the products evened out the sales dip from limited payment options, I decided to leave the CBD products up and figure out how to sell CBD most conveniently. I was able to create an embedded on-site shop. But in use, the products don’t show up reliably leading to a ton of emails about why the page is blank - defeating the convenience completely.  So, now we have 2 stores.

Continue to visit getthebutters.com for everything we sell that’s not infused with CBD.

For CBD stuff, though, you’ll now visit getthatcbd.com

I will continue to test workarounds. But this is the easiest for right now.

Why not just 1 store? Only certain payment processors allow for CBD sales. The fees they charge are roughly 8-10x higher than standard payment gateways like Stripe & Paypal. The higher fees apply to all items in the shop, not just the ones with CBD. Meaning you’d see a 15% price increase at minimum to cover the extra costs. While we’re not exactly value priced, I don’t like to inflate costs unless absolutely necessary.

Speaking of which, shipping costs have gone up temporarily (holiday premium) and you will see a small jump of about 5-7% based on product weight through January. We’ll also be lowering the prices of some smaller items and reinstating a free shipping minimum - $20. Charging $6 for a single 1/4oz lube hurts my heart. But without a free shipping minimum, I can’t offer little things at a fair price.

Thanks for your understanding and support. I appreciative ya’.

Peace & moisture,


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