7 irrefutable reasons oil-based lubes are the best on the planet

7 irrefutable reasons oil-based lubes are the best on the planet

Oil-based lubes are the least common category. So, most people don’t know that they’re missing out on some life changing benefits from our lipid friends. Here’s 7 of the best reasons Oil-Based lubes are simply the GOAT.  


1.     Lasts longer than water-based

While there’s a few exceptions, for the most part, water-based lube is all trash. But even when they’re great, it’s mostly for applications that don’t get access to air or water. Otherwise, it’s drying out or washing away.

2.     Never sticky!

Ok while this isn’t true of all oil-based lubes it is true of most of them, including The Butters! Oil is nature’s lube. Mucus (nature’s water-based lube) doesn’t feel like water-based lube at all. IDEK what you could compare to silicone lube but it’s not a great sensation either way.

3.     Cleans up easier than silicone

Whereas water-based lube gets sticky, and silicone never seems to actually go away when you want it to, oil-based lubes soak into the skin or wipe away clean from most body parts and materials easily. What a wipe won’t do, soap or degreaser will.

4.     Never cold feeling, unless literally cold

Every time I reach for my Palm Grease, it’s a perfectly comfortable temperature, even when the room is colder than usual. With water-based lube, it’s almost always cold, unless purposefully warmed. It’s not the best experience for sensitive genitals.

5.     Costs less than silicone and water based due to how well it works

Silicone lube is expensive but lasts. Water based lube is less expensive but still costs too much and is nto nearly as long lasting when made naturally. Then there’s oil-based lubes which can last from here until eternity while coming in at a price point in-between water and silicone options. If you’re looking for value, oil-based lube is hard to beat.

6.     More slip than silicone & water

One of the things that’s always confused me about silicone lube is why it’s so doggone viscous. Like, it’s basically maple syrup. Water-based often start thin but quickly become gummy. Then there’s oil-based lubes which vary from butter thick to oil thin to provide a wide variety of textures and sensations for sexual pleasure.

7.     Oils promote healthy skin

I mean, lest just take a look at shea butter alone:

Shea clinically proven to be one of the single best things you can put on your skin, hair, & nails. {Pronounced *SHAY* Butter} works as moisturizer, anti-inflammatory, heals stretch marks, evens skin tones, has SPF 6, aids skin elasticity & collagen production, reduces the look of cellulite, aids skin healing and repair, supports cuticle health, smells amazing. One of the highest natural sources for vitamin a & e, essential fatty acids.

With water-based lube and silicone-based lube the benefits beside slip are literally nothing.

8.     Coconut oil for yeast infections

Yes, coconut oil is a powerful natural treatment for candida, the fungus that causes yeast infections. Among the most potent natural yeast-fighting substances are lauric acid and caprylic acid, both derived from coconut oil. All medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil kill yeast, viruses and bacteria

9.     Oils are antibacterial & microbial

Fatty acids are some of the most powerful anti-microbial, bacterial, fungal, viral compounds on the planet. We’ve already talked about the power of coconut oil against yeast infections but that’s not a rare skill in the world of fats. In fact, on their own, oils don’t spoil due to microbes. They spoil only due to the corrosive nature of oxygen. Even then, their ability to resist oxidation of legendary.

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