4 Reasons Our Eau De Parfum Smells So Goddam Exquisite

4 Reasons Our Eau De Parfum Smells So Goddam Exquisite

Fragrances are one of our bestsellers, even without ever really talking about them. It’s def a situation where the products sell themselves. There are a few major reasons for that: high fragrance oil content, accessibility, aging, and ingredient quality. Let’s go through them now!


Fragrance content

Since we use 18-20% Fragrance oil in all our fragrance formulations, that gives us the designation of Eau de Parfum. With colognes sitting at 3-8% and Parfum at 20-30% that makes us one of the highest parfum concentrations you’ll find.

Ingredient Quality

Equally as important as how much fragrance you use is the quality of those fragrances. The Butters uses oil pure concentrated fragrance oils, natural oleoresins, and essences. Fragrance days at The Butters are some the most radiant and fun because the oil smells so good. Everybody knows their hands and clothes are gonna be scented for days afterward.



Much like a fine spirit or wine, aging is one the best things a perfumier can do to help their fragrances stand out. All of our fragrances are aged at least 90 days before they’re put in the bottle. Seasonal fragrances like cornucopia are aged 1 full year. This creates an incredibly smooth, warm, and inviting experience on the nose.



Most high-quality fragrances cost a ton. You pay for what you get. In this case, you are as well. Most roller bottles of fragrance would be like $3/20, whereas ours run about $14 each. But that price point for Eau de Parfum is still unheard of among our competitors. To them, fragrances are seen as a high profit margin add-on item. For me, fragrances are more important.


There’s just too many absolutely trash fragrances that’re affordable. And honestly, if I can provide an option for the Bod/Axe/Bath & Body Doesn’t Work crowd, that’ll make classrooms, locker rooms, elevators, hook ups, & clubs smell better. IDK about you but that seems like a worthwhile cause to me.


What’s in The Butters Eau De Parfums?

We talked about ingredient quality, now let’s talk about the actual ingredients Our fragrances consist of 3 simple ingredients: scent components, isopropyl myristate, jojoba oil. Here’s why and how they come together to make some of the world’s best fragrances.

Scent components come in three kinds: fragrance, essential oils/essences, resins/oleoresins - this is the smell. Fragrances are proprietary and the specific ingredients aren’t made public. Essence is steam distilled essential oils usually from flowers but can come from any part of a plant. Resins are a sticky, fragrant organic substance exuded by some trees & plants. Resins include things like frankincense & myrrh. These are the most expensive kind of fragrances components due to their rarity, uniqueness, and believed connection to the spiritual world.


Isopropyl Myristate is a gentle, non-toxic emollient - breaks the surface tension of oils so they absorb more easily. In our fragrances, it replaces alcohol - providing scent lift, thinning the fragrance and carrier oils to make them satiny on the skin. This option doesn’t smell as strongly or make your skin & hair dry from use - it actually moisturizes your skin.


Jojoba Oil is molecularly to a liquid wax and helps create a seal over tissues - holding fragrance to the skin. Also, a great emollient moisturizer. Reduces inflammation when applied topically. High in vitamin e & k. Helps even skin tone by nutritionally supporting cellular regeneration. High in fatty acids. Nourishes nails and hair.

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