The Mind-blowing Connection Between CBD Lube, ADHD, SSRIs and Better Sex

The Mind-blowing Connection Between CBD Lube, ADHD, SSRIs and Better Sex

CBD hype has been non-stop and heavy for close to a decade now. Yet, 5 years in, The Butters just released our CBD lube because, honestly, we thought it was mostly just hype. Yeah, CBD is calming & soothing but, like, what’s it really gonna add to your sex life?

Well, that’s what I thought until I tried it: my number of daily orgasms increased 300%, erections got stronger, libido increased, skin cleared, and crops prospered. In other words, CBD lube is a legend, icon, and she is the moment.


Orgasm Increase

As a person with ADHD & chronic depression who’s on a SSRI, orgasms are usually like a 60-90minute trek. I don’t mind, usually, but it can male me anxious with partners. The first time I used Palm Grease w/ CBD, I orgasmed in 15minutes. It took so little effort; I was legitimately shocked. A few minutes later, I’m speechless when I’m not only ready to go again but eager.

I thought this was gonna be an outlier night. In my long life, I’d smoked a good strain or two that seemed like it made the sex extra fire. On further investigation, typically, we was just on one. In this case, I was wrong. Repeat testing shows that using Palm Grease w/ CBD allows me to orgasm on my terms again for the first time in a decade. That’s no small benefit.


Stronger Erections/Arousal

The straightforward, scientifically proven benefits to erections: CBD helps increase circulation and thus make for stronger erections. Cool, great, helpful… but the science literature doesn’t mention how CBD works to make your skin more sensitive, how relaxed you feel, how the network between your genitals and brain gets a major boost.

Admittedly, these are kind of squishy benefits that don’t exactly look good on a chart, but I think we can all understand how great this all sounds.


Gimme, gimme

Before meds, I was more 2x a day masturbation person.  After meds, I’m the kind of person to masturbate 1x per day to go to bed and partnered sex kinda is whatever. After CBD lube, I’m back to 2x a day but that’s a minimum. Twice a day is enough to maintain but I’m also still brimming with sensual energy that lasts throughout the day. I actually want partnered sex again vs just kinda vaguely being upset I didn’t have it. If you know what I’m talking about, you know how nice it feels to be experiencing normalcy again.


Life feels better

While sexuality is exciting and easy to access within myself. Sensuality, on the other hand, is typically difficult for me to access. ADHD makes some things difficult to get into, even if I enjoy it. If the chemicals ain’t flowing, I ain’t going – sadly, they don’t get flowing for very many things. But CBD lube has changed things.

That sexless feeling, I often have because I get hyper-focused on brainy hobbies, is gone. I feel better about life when I’m sensual. Everything is more pleasant when my brain and junk stay in communication all day.


I did NOT expect CBD lube to change my life this much, but I would be doing the world a disservice if I didn’t offer my experience for y’all. Too many people are out here suffering when there’s already stuff that helps. Come get on this. Do yourself a favor.

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