It's the "you don't need a toner" for me 👀🧠

It's the "you don't need a toner" for me 👀🧠

Last week, Jerome started some shit when he suggested that you don’t need a toner for beautiful skin! It’s been THE topic here at Butters HQ so I’m gonna tell yall exactly when, where, and how he done fucked up. Because honestly, it only takes 90 seconds to upgrade your skin care routine with a toner that could make that gorgeous face of yours last til 90! 

 We have all washed our face (sometimes twice, if you double cleanse) only to see remnants of makeup, sweat, our other guck. Like, what is even going on? Well, that’s where using a toner can come in handy. Toners not only have cleansing properties but have a bunch of other amazing benefits.  

Let's get to the science of skin. Skin is naturally slightly acidic (having a Ph level around 5.5). When we use cleansers and scrubs to clean our skin's surface we are tampering with our skin’s ph. This is because cleansing products are typically alkaline having a Ph level about 7. When your skin’s Ph is knocked off, that’s when we start seeing pimples, redness, excessive oiliness or dryness and even premature signs of aging. Toners work to rebalance the skin’s ph. Allowing moisturizers, oils, and serums to absorb better into the skin and do all goodness they are intended to do.  

A good toner also helps to nourish the skin. Different toners cater to different things. Lacking a little hydration? Pick a toner with some rose water or hyaluronic acid like our Anti-Aging Toner. Need something with a little bit more soothing properties? Look for a toner with Aloe, chamomile, or some green tea. Green tea is also great for swollen face or under eye puffiness, a great morning option.  

For my oily skin beauties, the lemongrass is great for minimizing the appearance pores and preventing breakouts. Witch hazel is another great ingredient for this but make sure to avoid alcohol, like you can with ours.   

No matter your skin type dry oily, or a combination of both, yes you need a toner. While you’re not gonna die without it, you’ll definitely get your life!

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