INTRODUCING The Hookup - a low income discount program

INTRODUCING The Hookup - a low income discount program


a low income discount program from the butters hygienics co.


Times are tougher now than they were back in ‘08 and the instability/wealth inequality isn't getting better any time soon. So, to help ease the burden of our lowest income folks, we now offer a special personal low-income discount everyday!



To qualify, all we need is a photo of your ID/Drivers License/Passport/FB Page with your name and some info showing you receive assistance from the government or community support programs.


Verification documents we accept include:

  • Food stamps/EBT card

  • WIC card

  • Medicaid/care card

  • Discount lunch programs

  • SSI/Disability

  • A pay stub dated within 90 days that shows you make under $10/hour (our lowest wage company-wide)

  • Bus fare discount card

  • Unemployment approval

  • Homelessness relief approval form

  • We will accept other documents/photos/screenshots. It just needs to have your name and show you were approved for financial assistance.


The process:

Click the link button to contact us and voice your interest.


Drop us a line at

We’ll be in touch to ask for info/verification documents.

Once we receive the info, we'll provide you a personal and HEFTY discount code you can use without restriction. The code is valid for 3 months. Re-certification simply requires you send a NEW pic of your verification info. 


How much is the discount?:

We don't publicly disclose the amount but it's better than any sale we've had or will.


Reselling is allowed:

You are allowed to resell items purchased through this method. If you're enterprising enough to make some money this way, we support. Let us know if we can help!

Items must be in new/sealed condition & not past their best by date. You are bound by the same rules as my retailers. You must ask to review these guidelines and it’s your responsibility to follow them.


Other terms:

As with all things we do, if you cause us trouble, we’ll kick ya out. We can change the terms at any time. You’ll be bound to whatever the terms were at the start of the current 3 month period.

But otherwise that's literally it. I started this company when I was making 10k/year before taxes. I know broke. I also know that I can help make that burden a lil easier on you and I'm glad to do it. Thanks for letting me help!

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