When most people think of intimacy, they think only of sex. Really, intimacy is “a close, familiar, and affectionate personal relationship.” It’s connection and energy that create intimacy.

Even the most mundane activities can be intimate when you’re with the right person. These non-sexual activities will make you laugh and feel sexy but most of all bring you closer as a couple.


1. Give a spa treatment

Imagine coming home from work to a massage from your beau. Sounds luxurious, doesn’t it? What about having your partner wash your locks during a shower and massage conditioner into your hair? Let your partner know they deserve the best by pampering them. Activities can include painting nails, greasing scalps, giving manicures and pedicures and shaving.


2. Cook and feed each other 

You’ve heard the phrase, “A way to man’s heart is through his stomach.” Well, any gender likes food. Prepare a meal for your mate or cook your favorite foods together. The stove won’t be the only thing hot in the kitchen. After the dish is done, go the extra mile and feed your partner the delicious noms you’ve prepared.


3. Pick out lingerie or clothing 

Many of us will be heading out on the evening of Valentine’s Day, but this tip can be used for any date night. Whether you’re going out or staying in, having your partner pick out your outfit is sexy. Play dress-up and watch your partner strut his or her stuff in your favorite clothing of theirs. A bonus perk of this activity is that you’ll have even more fun taking them off later.


4. Have a dance party

Yes, sex burns about 144 calories a half hour, and a dance party can burn some calories and get you excited beforehand with your partner. Shake your groove thang to your favorite songs. Better yet, create a playlist made by both of you and dance the evening away. The cardio will increase blood flow and release hormones to get you ready for the horizontal tango (that means sex).


5. Plan a game night

You can keep your clothes on (or not) and have an exciting game night with your partner. Depending on your tastes, there are hundreds of games to explore. Board games like Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit will stimulate your brains. Let video games bring out your competitive nature as you enter a virtual fantasy world. Take a chance and play blackjack or hearts with your partner. Any game will do as long as you’re having fun.


6. Have a photoshoot

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to capture the chemistry between you and your lover. Play around with your expensive Nikon or have fun with your webcam. Photoshoots can be whatever you want. They can range from sexy and suggestive to fun and whacky. Create memories together, and the best part is you can look back on those photos and laugh.


7. Share your best and worst sex stories

Depending on how both parties feel, telling stories sex stories can be a hilarious experience. Laugh, cry and be aroused as you reveal your past sexcapades. This discussion could even reveal something about your partner’s sexual desires and needs; you could learn how to please them better after the conversation.


8. Build a fort

Rekindle your childhood and get those creative juices flowing while building a fort with your mate. Create a name for the newly created fort and let the fun begin. There’s so much to do in the fort. You can watch movies and eat popcorn or role-play and pretend to be pirates or soldiers. Bring out your inner child and color or watch cartoons. With a fort the adventures are as unlimited as your imagination.


9. Try body painting

Some of you readers are Picassos or don’t have any art skill at all, but either is OK. You can have varying skill levels when body painting your partner. Acquire some washable paint and make your partner’s body even more of a work of art. Draw flowers, kittens, rainbows or even penises; the options are endless. You can also try getting macabre with The Blood of My Enemies! Once you’re done, you can take a shower together to clean up.


10. Narrate your favorite movie together

Many of us wish we could sound like Morgan Freeman, but here’s the next best thing. Find a movie you both love or switch off watching individual faves and narrate the shit out of them. We usually look down on talking during a movie, but this intimate activity will be sure to tickle you and your partner’s funny bone. Add funny commentary or recite your favorite lines. Funny noises and weird voiceovers are encouraged.

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