Unveiling the New GetTheButters.com – Your Ultimate Guide to the Exciting Changes!

Unveiling the New GetTheButters.com – Your Ultimate Guide to the Exciting Changes!

Cue the confetti cannons and get ready to sashay into a world of fabulousness! It's time to spill the tea and introduce you to the dazzling, revamped GetTheButters.com. I've been teasing this like a queen on a runway, and now the moment has arrived!

🌟 What's Hot on the New GetTheButters.com:

✨ 40% Lower Prices (on average): We're serving you the best deals in town. Say goodbye to overpriced goodies and hello to affordable luxury!

✨ $6 Flat Rate Shipping: We're making sure your favorite products reach you without breaking the bank.

✨ Free Shipping on US Orders $35+: Because we believe in treating you like the royalty you are.

✨ Faster Loading Times: No more waiting – our site is now as quick as your morning routine.

✨ Easier Site Navigation: Finding your faves just got a whole lot simpler.

✨ Search that Actually Works: Looking for something specific? Our improved search function has your back.

✨ Gorgeous Graphics: Feast your eyes on stunning visuals, all hand-drawn and photographed by yours truly, Jerome!

✨ Chat Support: Need assistance? We're just a click away with our new chat support feature.

✨ Store Locator: Find us in stores near you with our handy store locator https://getthebutters.com/pages/find-us-in-stores

✨ Butterhead Reward Program: Join now and get a 200-point sign-up bonus plus 200 more every birthday! Because who doesn't love extra perks?

✨ More Products: We've expanded our collection! Explore the latest additions https://getthebutters.com/collections/all

✨ Rich Product Pages: Dive into detailed product info, complete with videos and fresh photos!

✨ Wholesale Partnership: Interested in partnering with us? Learn more here https://getthebutters.com/pages/why-work-with-the-butters-intro

✨ Affiliate Program: Become a Butterhead affiliate and spread the love – and earn rewards https://getthebutters.com/pages/butterheads


🌟 FAQ – Your Burning Questions Answered:

Where are my old orders? A. Fear not! Your old orders are chillin' at old.getthebutters.com until we work our magic and transfer them to the new site.

My coupons and discount codes don't work? A. We've got a major glow-up for you – our prices are now 40% lower across the board. Your wallet will thank you!

Where's the blog? A. Catch all the old vibes at old.getthebutters.com, and for the freshest content, head over to our new blog https://getthebutters.com/blogs/butters-life-blog

Can I use my old gift cards? A. You've got options – either use them at old.getthebutters.com or hit us up, and we'll convert them for the new site.

What happened to my subscriptions? A. Your subscriptions are still slaying at old.getthebutters.com. Once we drop a new plan, we'll swoop in to make the switch seamless.

What happened to The Hookup? A. It's still happening at old.getthebutters.com, but trust me, our new site prices are the real hookup!

Get ready to snatch these deals and dive into a world of buttery bliss. Your satisfaction is our runway, and we're here to serve!

Stay fabulous, Jerome and The Butters Team 💖✨

P.S. Excellence is our standard – just like you deserve! #GetTheButters #ButterySensation

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