Trans Men's Skin Care Guide

Trans Men's Skin Care Guide

Other being seen as “one of the guys,” there’s few things more internally important to trans dudes than fixing the absolute destruction testosterone shots wreak on your face. The acne, itchiness, redness, oiliness, inflammation, and general discomfort is usually worse during your second puberty and this guide will teach how to get a handle on your skin as it transitions from soft to rougher, harrier, and more irritable than ever before!

Before we get into the steps, it should be known that all guys have different and important skin care needs. Our skin is thicker, we're hairier typically, often work outdoors or in dirty environments - plus, how we like to care for ourselves is often different than girls, women, or femmes. We’re not always looking to feel pampered but efficiently take care of ourselves so we can get back to our hobbies.

For us, I created a complete 3 step skincare routine. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and will even help the hormonal skin issues that ruined your baby soft skin.  


Step #1: Wash w/ Daily Cleanser

Choose liquid or bar depending on how you like to clean. But if you have drier skin the liquid will be gentler for you. I do this while I'm in the shower with a scrub puff - a washcloth is fine.  wash for about 30-60sec, to make sure you're cleansing your best. Yet, you don't have to exfoliate constantly physically. A nice, gentle cleansing is usually all your skin needs! The product should be doing most of the work. Just make sure you hit the sides of your face, behind the ears, and the neck along with the face.


Since your skin is definitely in need of intensive care, I would recommend that you only use dedicated facial cleanser. Sure, if you use our detergent free body cleansers, you've already got a facial cleanser and can use it face to feet. Don't let the 2-in-1 haters shame you. I make this stuff from scratch and can tell you, it's roughly the same. Sure, a dedicated cleanser does offer benefits like better removal of pollution, but you'll still get great results with a non-dedicated cleanser.


I wouldn’t advise using commercial soap on your face simply because it’s too drying. Often people with acne want to dry it out but that doesn’t actually work. In fact, it will make your skin oilier and more unhappy. Your goal is getting your skin to a new equilibrium so you can stop worrying about it so much.  


Step #2: Moisturize w/ Zit Zapper

For Trans Men there’s not really a better facial moisturizer on the planet than Zit Zapper. It’s super soothing, smells nice, and won’t irritate your delicate skin. Apply to a damp face. Only a small amount is necessary. Work it between your hands to warm up. Allow to dry for about 30secs and move on. You can simply pat it on. Yes, you can even apply it to your beard to moisturize and freshen!


While I normally also recommend our body moisturizers, I feel like they’d be too heavy for your face unless it’s super dry. I know a lot of people with acne have dry skin as opposed to the stereotypical oily kind, so it warrants a mention.


Step #3: Seal & protect w/ Anti-aging face oil or beard oil.

We don't make another face oil. But honestly Anti-Aging Face Oil is so perfect, you're bound to love it! Apply on top of everything else to seal it in and protect your skin from moisture loss. It's light and gives your skin a healthy glow! Plus, the natural oils provide protection from the sun for your face and beard. Our face oil features need and evening primrose which help with endocrine health. So, you’re not only care for your looks but the underlying hormonal cause of most acne in Trans Men.

I’m a cis boy and didn’t get a full beard until 25 but if you’re on T you’re probably sprouting hair at a rate that’s both troubling and comforting. If you’re follically gifted, our beard oil is an excellent option for the beard and face! Simply apply to your beard and apply the excess from your hands to your face – pat it on! If you've already got tough, thick, leathery skin; a dirty job or a live in a super sunny or dry place, this is going to provide your face with the best protection.


It's really that simple. And I can’t encourage trans boys enough to take care of their skin. I often you’ve neglected yourself in many ways because it didn’t feel important, but you’ve only got one boy body and you should care for it. Not only will you look better but it will change how you feel about yourself and how folks feel about you. You’re already experiencing ultimate awkwardness part 2, why not make it feel and look a lot better?

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