How & Why Media Lies to Women

How & Why Media Lies to Women

The media has a powerful influence on our perception of the world, especially on how women see themselves and their place in society. Unfortunately, many of the messages that media conveys are either outright lies or distortions of the truth. Here are the five biggest lies media tells to women:


Luxury is Common

The media is awash with images of luxury products, expensive clothing, and luxurious lifestyles. This creates the impression that everyone else is living a life of leisure and indulgence. However, the truth is that only a small percentage of people can afford such extravagances. The media lies to women by making them believe that they are missing out on something that is common, when in fact, it is not. The truth is that you won’t be wealthier than your parents unless you’re lucky.


The Super Princess Lie

Media often tells women to go out into the world with reckless abandon, everything will work out with power of womanhood, girl power and friendship – sometimes ice powers. The truth is that women are being lied to so that you waste money on college, coaches, cars, trips, clothes, bundles, jewelry, luxury crap, slogan tees, heels, makeup, nails, lashes, IVF, BBLs, surgery, brunch, clubs, drinks, healing journeys, crystals, candles, and everything else they say you need to feel like a Supergirl. Then when you’re 25 media abandons you for more profitable gals and you feel lost. It happens to men too.

All those trappings will make you happy and feel strong, they are fun admittedly. But you’ll never feel stable or secure and always have your credit card ready to buy the next fix. The truth is that family and community is key to life satisfaction. There’s nothing wrong with needing someone to work through life with. These days, you’re not trapped as a housewife or single mother. If you choose family life, once the kids are gone, you’ve got 40 years to turn up with the girls. Family is available on your terms. Find the trad husband, househusband, or wife you need.


Their problems are men's faults

Modern media is hell bent on convincing women their problems are the fault of men. This is the biggest cause of social friction in America today. While sexism and misogyny are real issues that women face, it is not fair or accurate to blame all of women's problems on men. In modern free America, our life problems are usually due to inaction vs any systematic issues, even though we hear about the latter often. That's not a view many other's share but you're here for my honest perspective. 

The truth is that women should be empowered to take control of their own lives and work to overcome obstacles – even in the face of social adversity, which will not disappear through super princess powers. Blaming anyone else for your failures or lack of action isn’t modern independent bad bitch boss chick energy. Bosses own the results of their actions, even the shitty ones. That’s why there’s so many rewards when they’re successful and none when they aren’t. Spread the message to the next generation and let’s make the world better.


Men are Trash and Ruined the World

Similar to scapegoating men for modern problems, men are trash is a pervasive myth that sells well. Everyone wants to see themselves as victors. This is the same reason many young men gravitate towards Andrew Tate and Incel culture. All are populist in nature, scapegoating the other gender for historical issues we created together happily via active choice or inaction.

This lie in particular is viciously toxic because it primes women to feel embittered against men that only exist in Tyler Perry films. They end up expecting all men to be violent, single-minded, aloof, manipulative. So, they accept trash men vs choosing better. They choose partners for the money they have, instead of their character or reliability and run when things get tough. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy similar to teaching black kids that the world is against them.

If the people that “hate” you run the world, you won’t want to participate or get the most out of it if you do. It also prevents many men and women from having deep cooperative relationships outside of the romantic sense. Instead, we should simply equip our kids to succeed in the real world and submit to the rules of nature.  

Having said that, in a way it is true that men are trash. Women are trash, too, tho. Women are proud of their men for going to war. The Nazis had mad chicks. Women found Plantation owners irresistible. Women owned over 35% of slaves. The average husband should be prepared to kill to protect his family. Any sane mother would grab their child out of danger before someone else’s. *gestures wildly* Milania Trump *gestures even wilder* Meghan McCain! *pulls my hair out* Ann Coulter!!! Humans are trash cause survival isn’t moral. Humans are animals. Nature is totally ambivalent to our existence. Modernity, civility, and society don’t negate that fact.


College is the answer

Historically, keeping women uneducated was used partially to ensure obedience. That boundary was broken in America in 1826. In 2020, women account for 56% of college graduates. While education is important, the media often presents college as the only answer to success. The truth is that there are many paths to success, and not all of them involve a college degree. Women should be encouraged to explore their interests and passions. Women should pursue the education and training that is best suited to their goals.

No need to be another woman with an average of 30K in student debt pointlessly. If your goal is housewife, go to finishing school, learn how to home school kids, keep your romantic trauma low, prepare your body to carry a child, learn how to cooperate with a breadwinner, get hired. If your goal is to be a breadwinner, choose a stable job with maternity leave, learn the leadership skills you need, find a stay-at-home husband to knock you up, win. But, if you wanna be a solo boss bitch, go to college for something that makes money, freeze your eggs early, stabilize your career, make the baby happen before 30 for best results, move your parents in or hire a live-in nanny, profit.


You can have it all

You can’t. No one can. Life is about choices. If you choose college, you’re limiting your chances at marriage. If you choose career, you will need a homemaker partner – the power couple is a also a lie. You will never find a perfect partner; grab hold to what’s most important. Women are told that they should never settle, and you shouldn’t. But you have to accept reality. There’s only so much time, go after what really matters. Truthfully, most of women’s modern issues come from their unwillingness to limit their own choices. Just because you can do everything now doesn’t mean you have to do it all or are suited for it. Be realistic about what you want and what you’re good at, not what people say you deserve.

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