Silicone sex toys vs oil-based lube: a heavenly team

Silicone sex toys vs oil-based lube: a heavenly team

With so many material choices for lubes and sex toys, figuring out what will work with what can be really confusing. Since oil-based lubes are one of the least talked about lubes, it makes sense that there’d be questions about it possibly turning your favorite silicone sex toy into a puddle of melted goop.

Luckily for you, I’ve got the answers.


What’s oil-based lube?

Just so we know what we’re talking about, oil-based lubes include: The Butters: Lube & Palm Grease but also things like petroleum jelly/Vaseline, Simply Slick, Crisco, Boy Butter, Jack Jelly, Stroke 29, Him, Elbow Grease, Swiss Navy Masturbation Cream, and Please.


Why oil-based lube?

Oil-based lubes are my favorite because they are inexpensive, super long lasting, easy to clean, and great for anal sex. Oil-based lubes also can be used with silicone sex toys and all other body-safe toy materials including glass, wood, ceramic, leather, PVC, sil-a-gel.



So, they do work with silicone?

Oil-based lube is 100% compatible with 100% silicone. The key is that they actually have to be silicone. Not rubber, jelly, or any other material that’s soft or silicone-like but not 100 percent silicone. There can also be colorants that’re affected by oils.

My silicone toys are mostly all black and I’ve never seen any problems. Then again, I had a blue sparkly silicone cock ring that lost its elasticity and my Fleshlight started to crumble. And yet again, I bought 5 brightly colored dildoes recently that seem to be fine as well. The problem is silicone adulteration.

So, you know, other than adulterated silicone, there are quite a few materials that oil can damage: TPR (thermo plastic rubber), jelly rubber, silicone/rubber mixes, acrylic, AquaGel, Better-Than-Real, Jel-lee, O2, Lucite, lambskin, vinyl, wood, and latex. Porous materials and oil-based lubes are generally a no, for the same reason they aren’t welcome in the vagina: they can trap bacteria.

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