Practical skin care tips for practical people - complete 3 step guide

Practical skin care tips for practical people - complete 3 step guide

The number 1 thing that stops folks from trying skin care is a fear that it must be complicated or you're not doing it right. One can 't blame you, companies, influencers, bloggers are all tryna make your life better by selling you more products. But the message we often receive is that we aren't doing enough. Well, I'm here to tell you, as the CEO of a hygienics company, when it comes to your face, typically, you only need 3 products and steps total! Here's what to do:


Step #1: Wash w/ Daily Cleanser

Choose liquid or bar depending on how you like to clean. But if you have drier skin the liquid facial cleanser will be gentler for you. I do this while I'm in the shower with a scrub puff. You do want to wash for about 30-60sec, to make sure you're cleansing your best. Yet, you don't have to constantly physically exfoliate. A nice, gentle cleansing is usually all your skin needs!


Step #2: Moisturize w/ Butters Body Moisturizer or Zit Zapper

If you're a practical kind of person, using whatever body moisturizer you already use will be just fine. However, if you have acne or aren't one to shower daily, Zit Zapper is a perfect all around,  facial moisturizer for you! Apply to a damp face. Only a small amount is necessary. Work it between your hands to warm up. Allow to dry for about 30secs and move on. You can simply pat it on.


Step #3: Seal w/ Anti-aging face oil

We don't make another face oil. But honestly it's so perfect, you're bound to love it! Apply on top of everything else to seal it in and protect your skin from moisture loss. It's really light and gives your skin a healthy glow! Plus the natural oils provide protection from the sun.


It's really that simple. I've got normal to oily skin, with bouts of dermatitis and pimples that like to pop up in my temple areas.  But yes, this is really all I do to look great! Don't let people scare you away from taking care of yourself because they're extra and bougie.  Although, if you wanna be extra and bougie, we've got a guide for that coming soon!

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