10 AWESOME Gifts your Alt, Punk, Goth Friends will Love!

10 AWESOME Gifts your Alt, Punk, Goth Friends will Love!

Christmas is 2 weeks away, which means you need to decide on those gifts and quickly! To help, we’ve put together some Butters gifts that’re sure to wow your edgy, alt, kinky, poly friends. The best part, they’re all in stock, ready to ship immediately, and guaranteed to arrive before Christmas!

The Blood of your Enemies – For your gore loving or simply world dominating friends, this one is gonna be hella fun. They can throw it around like real blood. It’s just gonna wash down the drain.

Bamboo Lotus Bath Bomb – Juicy, delicious, packed with CBD, this 2-pack makes a great gift!

Keep it Juicy Miracle Lotion – Give the gift of moisture and volume. You know us alternative kids gotta keep our manes in Poly Play Party ready year-round. Miracle Lotion makes it easy and is perfect to share with partners of every gender and hair type.

Bruise Soother – Got a friend who’s extra clumsy, or exceedingly kinky who’s frequently bruised, get them Bruise Soother!

Lube – This one goes without saying. Whether they’re young or old,

BLKICE Scrub and/or BLKICE Bath Bomb – Get your goth and punk friends something as black as their soul.

Illustrated Bitch – As a person who gets like 8 tattoos a year, I would love a bottle of anti-itch oil. If you’ve got illustrated friends, put them on!

A gift card – Gift cards are always easy and the perfect fit. If you know they’d like something but want it to be the best something for them, this is the perfect option!

A fun Butters – Hood Bitch, Devil Dick, Hippie Bitch, Himbo Hottie are all fragrance names and all people in my friend group.  If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them and know them. I’m Himbo Hottie but can definitely be devil dick in the right circumstances.

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