You smell dat?

You smell dat?

3/52 weeks down in 2021 and I ain't been sleepin on it! Shit's been weird outside but I'm hyped as fuck about the future (if that understandably confuses you, read my previous post). Luckily, for us all the future has arrived!

The smell of success:

Before we get into these bomb ass announcements, I wanna take a moment to say thank you for 2020. While many other businesses were struggling, your support has allowed us to grow 400%! We're now a team of 6 with a starting pay of $14/hr! You might have noticed I didn't personally speak to y'all for a while, I was a little busy realizing my dreams. But I've been able to find the help I need and I'll be back chatting with ya more regularly.

 New Stanks!

 I'm in my bag, y'all! This collection goes stoopid. I've never been more excited about a collection launch and now you can be too!

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