You ashy as fuck, but we can fix that.

You ashy as fuck, but we can fix that.

Just cause you sitting in the house all day ain’t no excuse to be looking like an ash monster. I didn’t defy physics to whip shea butter, grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil with aloe and vitamin c & e into a glossy sheen just for you to be looking like TV static. Get The Butters!

I get it. What’s the point? No one is gonna see you. Well:

  • You’ll stop itching

  • Dry skin ages faster & tears easier

  • One must stay picture ready at all times

  • Looking good naked is a gift for yourself

  • Staying in the habit matters for people like me with mental health concerns

  • You don’t actually have to buy more, I’m sure you’ve got a jar at home already

If that’s not enough, here’s 20+ more great ones!

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