What we're doing with your money and trust!

What we're doing with your money and trust!

Above Photo: Me with aloe heading to the slaughter. It’s all smiles till someone gets juiced!

Thanks for your trust!

Although many small biz and individuals are struggling, you have allowed us to explode in ways we didn't think possible. Besides all our kickass creations, we also sell a few raw ingredients like pure aloe vera juice and gel. With everyone rushing to make their own sanitizer, we found our niche in the crisis and filled it.  We've been able to ramp up production 1000% in 3 weeks with the invaluable (and well compensated) help of our new production manager in training Jennifer (check her our below). 

To put our growth in context, we've sold the same amount of product April 1st-25th as we did in all of Jan-March. Shook and grateful. Thank you.  Our company has grown. Our family has grown and suddenly, I'm actually the CEO I've been working to become for nearly 20 years. My first duty was to get our house in order.

Giving starts at home

Our reusable masks were finally delivered after 20 days waiting. Aren't ya glad our shipping is faster than that? Although, we do look fly.

I had a blast! The place looks great with upgrades all around to help everyone do their jobs better and more comfortably.

We're still tying up loose ends - including finally making a home office for myself - but I'm beaming with pride. I've also provided everyone with disinfectants, cleaners, and other health items to keep them safe at home - and raises. That last one makes out base pay higher than McDonalds, U-Haul, Eastern Michigan University, and Starbucks. I’d still like to get that higher, though, and we will as we continue to grow!



So, next I expanded my reach outside Chez Butters. If you follow us on Instagram, you'll have seen us take a bit of a break from promotion to share community updates. Specifically supply drops of food (goodies people usually don't leave), cleaners/disinfectants & tools, toiletries, baby items, and a huge drop of cosmetics. I wanted to hit the most wanted AND needed items. We've done 3 drops at the @ypsilocal free table and a larger drop to Corner Health Center.

Follow us on Instagram to see our Community work @getthebutters

The @ypsilocal free food table & pantry.

In total we've given back over $600 since shit hit the fan. For a company of our size, that's just cash coming from my salary (and a shifts' pay donated by Zanita, matched by me). This is all a part of my new commitment to give 10% of all profits back to the community. We're gonna be splitting that up between 5013c joints and grassroots orgs. I spoke to the my money man Mohammed, and we've figured out how to do that so I can make sure my money is actually helping everyone I want it to..


COVID Reminders:

I know things are “calming down.“ I know some things are opening back up but y’all listen to me and I say:

Stae des fuq un des haus. Gratzi.

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