The Problem with Dreaming Big - Why Small Goals Lead to Big Wins

The Problem with Dreaming Big - Why Small Goals Lead to Big Wins

Goals are great, wonderful, lovely. But most of yalls goals are actually dreams. I know they tell us to reach for the stars and you might hit the moon. It’s more likely you’ll just puff into nothingness, debris spread on a countryside or lost eternally in the void of space. Here I will burst your bubble and help you reorient your ship towards a duplex, used Toyota, and someone who is actually dedicated to you.


Upward mobility is shrinking

In today's world, there are more career possibilities and opportunities available than ever before. The advancement of technology and the internet has made it easier for people to learn new skills, explore different career paths, and connect with others. However, just because there are more possibilities does not mean that our probability of achieving our goals has increased. The truth is that is you were born around 1980, you have 50/50 chance of making more money than your parents. If you were born in 2000, good luck to you. The American gold rush is over. Chasing it is as sad as longing for 50s gender standards.


Wages are less and requirements are higher than you think

Here data will do the talking. This is a list of the top 8 professions by income, how many people do that job and the requirements for that job. Fun fact: None of these jobs are 1% jobs.

1.       Surgeons, Median Salary $409,665, Occupation Population 38,000, Education required: Bachelor's degree, medical degree, residency program, and licensure.

2.       Anesthesiologists, Median Salary $386,000, Occupation Population 32,000, Education required: Bachelor's degree, medical degree, residency program, and licensure.

3.       Psychiatrists, Median Salary $220,380, Occupation Population 29,000, Education required: Bachelor's degree, medical degree, residency program, and licensure.

4.       Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Median Salary $185,000, Occupation Population 300,000, Education required: Bachelor's degree in business, management, or related field. A master's degree and years of experience may be required for some positions.

5.       Orthodontists, Median Salary $230,830, Occupation Population 6,000, Education required: Bachelor's degree, dental degree, and specialized training in orthodontics.

6.       Pharmacists, Median Salary $128,710, Occupation Population 320,000, Education required: Doctor of Pharmacy degree and licensure.

7.       Petroleum Engineers, Median Salary $137,720, Occupation Population 30,000, Education required: Bachelor's degree in engineering or related field.

8.       Software Developers, Median Salary $110,140, Occupation Population 1.5 million, Education required: Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field.

Unless you are willing to do the work required for these types of jobs or are worthy of a person with disciple, work ethic, & rewards for them, you will not achieve them.


Your choices have consequences

You can’t have everything. The people who sold us this lie did so literally via social media, books, lectures, retreats, audiobooks, classes, magazines, and any other package we foolishly gobble them up in. The decisions you make in life will haunt you forever. No one will save you. Choosing not to make a decision is not an option either – someone will do something with you if you don’t.

If you got a bullshit degree; If you didn’t study the way other’s achieved their success; If you had kids early or without proper support; If you aimlessly wasted your 20’s, your 30’s; If you move product or otherwise live on the criminal side of life and end up in jail; If you chose drugs; If you decided to prioritize fun; if your parents didn’t teach you; if you don’t walk in those circles; you are fucked. Unless you’re already rich, your life will never return to easy mode after childhood without luck, struggle, or a working partner to bail you out.


Knowing your place is acceptance, not settling

There is often a misconception that living within your means equals giving up on your dreams. But since it’s unlikely you’ll ever be anything more than what you were born, accepting that is the healthiest decision you can make for your life. Every effort and dollar you divert from acquiring that reasonable house, car, and partner(s) is actively harming yourself and putting off a good respectable life. It so much smarter to make the best out of what you got then hoping for more. A success in the hand is worth infinite dreams.


Life is shorter than you think

Time is a limited resource. At 39, you are middle-aged and your life nearly over. While it is never too late to start working towards your goals, the longer you wait, the harder it becomes to achieve them. As we get older, we often have more responsibilities, such as family and work, which can make it challenging to find the time and energy to pursue our goals.

On the other hand, why wouldn’t you want to live with your best most realistic life as soon as possible. If you set your sights on attainable goals, you can get to the coasting part of life that we all really want. This is how people end up financially stable, lonely cat lady/dog guy/iguana queers when they wanted to be a part of a family. 


Meet your needs before feeding your dreams

While our wants and desires may seem important in the short term, they can often lead to negative consequences if prioritized over our needs. For instance, if we prioritize our wants and desires over our basic needs, we may find ourselves in a situation of financial stress or emotional insecurity. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that can affect our overall well-being. This is how people find themselves in the cycle of poverty so easily. Sure, I own a few luxury bags now but when I was making $14, that would have never been on the table, even if I was living with my parents. Even if I saved. I needed to make a career for myself, not seek instant gratification that would make me a worse adult.

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