Rosehip oil benefits for skin, hair, nails, nutrition

Rosehip oil benefits for skin, hair, nails, nutrition

Inflamed skin, dull or tired looking, uneven skin tone, stretch marks or scars? Rosehip oil has got you covered! Cold pressed from the crushed seeds of wild rose plants, Rosehip oil is crazy nutrient rich! It's packed with vitamin c, vitamin a (retinol/betacarotene), & vitamin e (tocopherol). That's on top of high levels of linoleic, oleic acids and lycopene! Plus it's thinness makes it easy for your skin to absorb!

Both vitamins a & e are legendary anti-oxidants, which are known to protect from free radicals and promote normal cellular growth, making pure rosehip oil a powerful antiaging serum within it's own right. Thanks to that vitamin A, rose hip oil works as a powerful anti-inflammatory benefitting common skin maladies like acne, dermatitis, rosacea, & eczema!

All these great benefits roll over to your scalp and hair! Healthy hair starts at the root and rosehip oil's nutrient density makes is excellent at caring for the scalp and root. Vitamin A helps prevent dandruff, dermatitis and general scalp itchiness. The fatty acids offer great conditioning to the strands making them softer and more resilient. It also works to seal in moisture.

Rosehip oil also works wonders in strengthening the nail and making it less prone to breakage, soften cuticles and cares for the skin of the fingers as well!

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