Recall Notice: The Butters Lube

Late last year we instituted a batch number system that allowed us to isolate and recall any batches that had issues. It’s been 9 months since we put it in place and finally have a chance to use it!


Official Recall Notice

Batch #s 272 , 271, 256

Products: Aloe X Shea based products, lube

Reason: Early spoilage

What we’re doing: Asking that you throw them in the trash. Replacements available upon request, free of charge.

How: contact us with your order number. We may also ask for a photo for our records.



Production Date: 2/21/20 & 5/10/20

Date We Were Notified: 6/12 & 6/15/20

Date Public Notified: 6/15/20


To find your batch number:

Look on the label near the barcode. There’s a Butters Blue box with your batch number and best by date.

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