Read for filth: 6 issues queers need fix

Read for filth: 6 issues queers need fix

Queer people spend a lot of time telling straights about the issues they’ve got but rarely look internally to see what we need to fix. So, I’m gonna take a moment and read my fellow queers down boots. It’s all meant with love, but I mean every word. Fix our shit, queers.  


Acceptance of traditionalism

Queers are often under the impression that traditional family structure of breadwinner/homemaker is somehow oppressive or pointless. That’s a stupid idea because you’re not smarter than all human history. We built this whole world with that structure and many queers end up in these situations regardless. The truth is that humans have a natural social order, and this is it. You can be as queer as you want but you can’t fight nature, sis.


Preference shaming

Queers love to tell people that they’re bad for only dating certain kinds of people. The truth is that you’re shaming them because you want access to their bodies not because their preferences are harming anyone. And you only want them because they have social power. Liking cis, fit, white, or masculine people, or your own clone is not a problem in anyway because it doesn’t affect you. Just like your preference for being a queer doesn’t harm anyone.


Body positivity for yourself

Most queers think body positivity means the world must accept our bodies and it doesn’t. Body positivity is a totally personal journey to love your own body even if the world doesn’t change. No one is required to like your body. No one is required to celebrate you if they don’t feel it. People aren’t bad for lack of reaction or even ridicule, that’s their right. If you share your body publicly, people will critique. There’s nothing you can do but accept your body and how people feel about it. This allows you to accept when people accept you vs assuming its all fetishization.


Kink shaming

Lame. Lame. Lame. The whole point of queerness is to live authentically. If that means drinking piss, fisting, being a cum dump, or a vanilla, that’s your right. It is also your right to share your displeasure, but you shouldn’t cause that makes your preferences fair game to critique as well. Anybody thinking they’re better for their sexual preferences or activities is fucking stupid and shows how little value you actually have in yourself.


Obsession w Oppression

Look, the world is what it is. Resenting that won’t help your life success. Focusing your energy on the ways in which your life is unfair is a complete waste of your queer time. Instead, live in your freedoms. We have all the freedoms of straights. We don’t need a perfect world to live well. At this point we’re mostly complaining about social shit that doesn’t change anything about how we can actually live well.


Forced community blending

Just cause we’re queers doesn’t mean we all have to be friends. A mutual respect is all that’s required. If a space isn’t made for you, stop trying to make it. If you want an inclusive space, make it. But you need to understand that people will primarily self-segregate and that’s ok. The main point of most queer spaces is sex, otherwise we could just socialize with everyone. So, if you’re not feeling welcome, go where people want to fuck you and you will, guaranteed.

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