Our 2020 Green Initiatives / How You Can Help

Our 2020 Green Initiatives / How You Can Help

Since things are buzzing along so well behind the scenes, I've had some time to handle smaller but important to me tasks. Like figuring out the impact my empire building is having on the planet. Turns out, we're doing great but all of us can do better. Here's what I've done:

1.       I've switched from shrink bags to safety seals OR custom cut shrink bands on ALL Butters, lubes, conditioners, and everything else in jars. This switch cuts plastic weight by 80% and 70% respectively.

2.       We're also transitioning to 100% recyclable aluminum or paper packaging for all soaps, bath bombs, and sample size jars!

3.       We’ll be using even more glass or metal packaging in the future for a premium feel AND recyclability.  

 Together the first two steps alone are gonna result in 96% less single-use plastic consumption versus last year. The 3rd step is gonna cut roughly 25% of our repeat use plastic as well. These are major steps but with your help we can do even better!


Here's how you can help:

1.       Buy larger sizes items vs several small items to reduce plastic usage in general.

2.       The shrink wrap, safety seals, and labels are best disposed of through burning or burying, if possible. Yes really. This is gonna be the main modern advice for all plastics of "lesser recyclability" aka a number higher than 3 on the bottom, foam, Styrofoam, and permanently soiled plastic. If you can't, try re-purposing it in the ground as garden filler. This is my next challenge.

3.       We're proud to say all blue translucent jars, clear jars, are #1 HIGLY RECYCLABLES, Bottles are all #1 or #2. Wash them clean and toss em in the bin.

4.       We're also proud to say that while our black jars are a 5, they are some incredibly versatile mofos. Wash em, and re-purpose them for storage, planters, gift containers, kitchen portioners, portable pet food containers, the options are endless. I keep my crystals in them. These are very durable.

5.       You can't clean the lip balm or the squeeze tubes containers, so they need to be tossed in the trash or treated like step 2.

6.       All glass is of course recyclable

7.       All metal is also. We use a lot of aluminum caps, just remove the paper liner.


All in all, were doing great! Let’s keep it moving!


Peace & Moisture


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