Men & Anal: Your Top Questions Answered

Why do men enjoy receiving anal sex?

It’s pretty simple. Anal play feels good for many people both physically and psychologically. In fact, physically, men or people with penises are better suited for anal pleasure than people with vaginas. Folks with a penis typically have a prostate which is best accessed and pleasured through the rectum. That’s on top of the filling pressure and rush of having someone inside of you. Plus, many men simply prefer enjoy being receptive physically.


It’s 2022. Why are there still stigmas surrounding anal pleasure for men?

There’s a couple big problems holding boys back from enjoying their bussy. Although the female orgasm and female sexual pleasure has been a huge topic of discussion in the sexual health and wellness field, men have primarily been left out of the conversation. There’s an assumption that male sexuality is simple or easy to satisfy thus doesn’t need exploration and education.

Next there’s the fact that many men never even consider playing with their butts for fear of public perception. No man want to look weak or whatever so we tend to avoid putting ourselves in compromising positions. Having your hole presented to the wind is pretty vulnerable and thus often avoided. This pressure is both external and internal. Many partners of men want them to be predictably the insertive partner. Which, considering they typical have penises makes sense. Still it’s very limiting for our boys.


Isn’t man ass dirtier and smellier than women?

Look, man smell is what it is. Dudes are more fragrant than women on average. That aroma can be bold, spicy, and incredibly strong. If you don’t like man smell you ain’t gonna like man ass. But if you do like the scent of a man, man ass is probably gonna blow your fucking mind. Niggas is out here walking around with a whole bakery worth of scents between their cakes. Get you some.

When it comes to being dirtier, let me say this. And I mean it with all due respect. What the fuck yall think a shower and douching is for? I mean, it’s not any dirtier, even though they may be deliciously seasoned with a fine dusting or thick bushy forest of fur. But butt is dirty by its very nature. It’s literally where fecal matter comes from, if you must think of it that way. But honestly, don’t we all kinda just suspend our questioning in the face of horniness? If you don’t want any beefy, hairy, musky man ass, then just move bitch. More for me!


How do you take it in the ass and still feel like a man?

I personally feel like a large part of being a man is about choosing your own destiny and doing what it takes to make that happen. For some men, owning their sexuality as fully as humanly possible is their chosen destiny. For other men, fitting securely in a socially defined box is much more their speed. No shade either way. Your definition of being a man is truly up to you.

Plus, if you aint interested in everyone knowing your business, you could jst not tell them. It’s not like the minute you’re penetrated someone jumps out and brand “bottom bitch” across your forehead. Your sexuality is up to you, bro.

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