Meet Joey Angels, our humanity-loving, Buddhism-practicing performance artist!

Meet Joey Angels, our humanity-loving, Buddhism-practicing performance artist!

Who Is Joey Angels?

I Wasn't given the best start in life. My mother was born into sex trafficking and so was I. From my birth till I was 7, I experienced a lot of forms of abuse. In the darkness that was my world I sang and wrote songs. Eventually I was saved from those circumstances, but the healing process had barely begun. I championed through abusive foster families and then homelessness. I was on my own at 14 years old. But I still had that song. Then, I found performance art, and for ten long years i've been happy and healthy. I've never had a job not surrounding performance art. I've been blessed to support myself this way.

The message of my music is love and understanding. Some of the songs may be on the hardcore side of music, but the message is always love and understanding and helping my fans feel god in a different way. I obviously have clean songs, but I would describe my music as an expression of both the rage and love of god, if it is truly understood. If not, people may see it as profane. I have Christian values and i am a rapper, but i am not a Christian rapper. My faith system is Buddhist, but I grew up in a Christian household and have taken the lessons of the Christian ideology and applied them to my life.

My goal is to teach love in a new light. For years, we have coupled love with shame and bigotry. My music is about loving all parts of humanity that includes The LGBTQIA, the many colors and cultures and faiths of our world, as well as aggressively fighting for love and understanding. It also includes loving those things that exist in the dark.

My style
I'm Punk rocker meets pop Prince. I like to be in the corner of well-dressed and punk club kid. There is a meeting point and it is where I live.


My values

Prajna (Wisdom)

Sila (Moral Virtues)
Good conduct

Samadhi (Meditation)
mental development



As the pandemic gets to a more controllable state, I am beginning to gear up, do shows, and market my social media more heavily. I specifically want to only partner with companies that are either owned or operated by black, queer and or women. The second criteria being that they are businesses with less than 100 employees. This serves two purposes- It will help Usher in an era where the capitalistic nature of social media will actually work for the everyday business owner and not just 100-year-old corporations. The second purpose being that underserved businesses like those owned by black people, queer people and women will get an opportunity to benefit from the same kind of sponsorship deals those corporations benefit from. And my third criteria is that the products must be cruelty free and at least make an effort to be environmentally friendly.

The things I like about Get The Butters is that the products are cruelty free. I have put the products on my body and I have tested them with my friends, and we enjoy the products. The perfume "Devil Dick" has a unique scent to it while also invoking a strong sense of masculine must. But also it has a feminine soft twist to it. I'd say this best represents me as the modern man that I am. The "black ice" exfoliating salts give my skin the cleansing that it needs. And the arrangement of leave-in conditioners help my uniquely textured hair look and feel bouncy and full.

Where Can We Find Joey Angels?


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