Keep Going After January: Top 10 Exercise Routine Longevity Hacks (2023)

Keep Going After January: Top 10 Exercise Routine Longevity Hacks (2023)

So, you started working out on January 1. Good for you! I know a lot of people will give you shit for starting in Jan but fuck them. Start when you want to start. But let’s talk a bit about how to keep you on track past January, prevent burn out and streamline your idea of what this is supposed to be like.

When I originally wrote this guide in 2022, I was 7 months into my exercise journey. Now I’m 19 months in and these tips have helped keep me going. I’ve lost 40+lbs of fat, put on a bunch of muscle. I’m reaching my goals and have settled into this routine as a part of life. If you follow these tips it will help, I promise.

My Progress 2021-2023



Ensure you’re comfortable

The #1 reason I hate working out is cause I get sweaty and hot. But I’ve learned how to make it a shit ton comfier, especially as a 409lb guy. Here’s the 3 biggest. Wear light clothes, even if you hate showing skin. Get some flat shoes without a ton of extra padding. Utilize an anti-chafing cream like Thick N Slide if you find your thighs rub too much.


Check out our 2022 comfort guide for more tips: Exercise & The Fatty: Top 20 gym tips for comfort & success


What’s your reason for doing this? Make it tangible.

Both times I’ve decided to start working out successfully, I had other things going on in my life that made working out necessary. Essentially, I needed to have more endurance and strength to accomplish another goal. This time, The Butters growth (including enjoying the benefits of that) and the desire to toss around large men in bed. I’m just being honest.

Maybe you want to feel more confident in the face of stairs, ride dick longer, give birth easier, construct your body of art, support the weight of your tigo bitties, get out of bed earlier, or even scare people slightly when you shake their hand. Whatever the reason, it’s gotta be tangible and fun. It’s gotta be something personal and actually achievable. Not only achievable but exciting every time it happens.


Don’t make this about weight

Notice I didn’t mention weight loss in the above tip? Weight loss is slow and boring. If you’re working out right, it’s likely your weight loss will be a little delayed, but you’ll feel more functional and healthier sooner.


Overcome gym intimidation

Even though you probably won’t recognize it immediately, a lot of your apprehension is the result of deep-seated intimidation. Most people don’t really know anything about their body or the gym – jumping in can be a lot! Unfortunately, you can’t make this easier except to admit it and coach yourself through it.

Try watching natty or not videos on YouTube. Find out how many people are on steroids or in other ways manipulating their image for profit. This will make you feel a lot better about yourself and your capabilities.


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Recognize you’re weaker than you think but also stronger!

You’re gonna be humbled your first few times in the gym. Your form will be trash. You’re gonna be sweaty, weak, and questioning why you’re doing this. But there will also be moments where you surprise the fuck outta yourself.

 When I followed the plan given by my basic Planet Fitness trainer, I found that while I couldn’t lift very much, my muscles respond very well to stress; I got bulky and strong super quick. They call that newbie gains but it hasn’t slowed down. I was super intimidated by the gym at first, but I’ve also found that I’m very good at intuitively training myself. I’ve only ever worked with the trainer four times. But I keep making great progress and it encourages me to continue


Avoid the urge to post on social.

Often, we get in the gym and want to post about it for an ego boost or encouragement. Unfortunately, social media is an exhausting place sometimes. This should be a personal, private experience. Record yourself, yes - That’s very good for monitoring your form and making sure you look cute. But keep the videos off social media and yourself safe from being deflated by low likes and views.


Keep it fun

Look, what’s the point in doing anything if it isn’t fun? You’ll find me on the elliptical, smith machine, rope pull or literally anywhere else rocking the fuck out. The music, dance, and physical exertion makes it fun for me. But I also enjoy testing myself. Can I lift this, how many reps can I hit, how perfect can I keep my form, how long can I hold this? This is where I find a lot of the challenge that keeps me engaged throughout the workout. Since it’s me challenging me, and I hate being told what to do, it’s more fun. Although I can push myself too hard sometimes.


Switch it up

The best way to keep your exercises fun and interesting is to simply change up what you’re doing. I’ve focused on cardio, weight, reps, strength, variety, push/pull, individual body parts, cables, free weights, machines, big 3 lifts. Although some might see it as disorganized, I see it as responsive to my needs of the moment.

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