How do I introduce a man to receiving anal pleasure?

Man ass, the sweet nectar of ambroisa that it is, invites many an ass-venturer to take a taste, bite, hell even a poke. No wonder, as a sexpert, I’m so often asked how does one help a man discover the power and pleasure of his bussy. Luckily, though the prize is epic, the gauntlet to grasp that sweet boochie isn’t as fraught as you might imagine! And I have the secret scrolls with knowledge to unlock your boy’s sacred temple!

Prepare for failure

Look, if your guy hasn’t played with his own butt before, it’s likely he’s not going to be into it. While there’s a chance he could be surprised by the pleasure, you should be prepared for your journey to come to an abrupt end at any point. Loving man ass is a tough life, but the benefits are worth it!

Ground Level: Eat his ass!

Put his pucker where your mouth is. Analingus is simply the easiest and most pleasurable intro to anal pleasure you can provide for anyone. Even if they’re not super into the idea of insertion, it’s hard to ignore the synchronous joy of a dick sucking, ball licking, with a little tonging of their booty hole thrown in.

While this is the most fun intro for him, it’s not normally how people asking for tips on this want to start. While eating ass is incredibly fun, especially man ass, this can be an offputting idea for some. Well, tbh, you just gone have to suck that one on up, unless that’s what your bottom wants. Access to his hole is a gift. Appreciate it properly and you might get access to it again!


After dinner activities

Once you’ve crossed that tongue to butthole boundary, just see how far he wants to go. Depending how he takes to it, you might start licking his hole during a morning session then have his ankles in the sky by noon. Most likely though, it’ll be a slow ramp up to penetration or pegging or whatever. As long as he’s comfortable and feels safe enough with you, that sweet little man ass off his can be yours in no time!

Ideas to take the anal further slowly:

  • Analingus. Make sure to push the tounge inside to familiarize him with that sensation. It also just feels really good for him.

  • External prostate stimulation via pressure on taint or vibration at base of penis

  • Vibrator on the sphincter itself

  • Fingers or toys (butt plug) inside to stimulate the prostate. Try adding a vibrator on the butt plug to send his hole into spasms.

  • Toys (dildo or vibrator) or penises for intercourse/pegging

What do you do with the dick?

That depends on him. In my real life experience, it seems like a 50/50 toss up if a guy can maintain an erection while being penetrated. But that doesn’t say anything about how he’d like his dick n balls pleased or ignored during anal play. Even if a penis isn’t erect, it can still receive pleasure. You’ll have to talk to him. I do suggest, trying to pleasure his balls, if he doesn’t usually keep an erection during anal play. IDK why but the two are often wired together in men who enjoy enjoy anal but don’t stay hard. If he's hard, though, that’s pretty much an invitation to suck or stroke on that.


Since this guide will mostly be used by women, I’m going to share a common complaint from men who date women. According to several, they feel like women tend to have a strange sense of ownership over their male partners’ body. They say that women often push too hard for them to try new stuff, like anal, then make them feel bad for not liking it or only so much. Make sure you check yourself in this situation. His hole is sacred and vulnerable. You need to have the utmost respect for that sweet lil booty cat.

Here’s 4 tips to make sure your guy feels safe, respected and supported:

• Take it at his pace, not yours. I know the stereotype is that men like to move fast, but truthfully we like taking it slow just like the next. Yea, we get excited and rush things just like anyone else. But when it comes to anal, let’s just presume we’re gonna be taking it slow. If he’s an eager bottom nd wants more faster, that hole of his will let you know.

• Respect his no, as you always should. Don’t forget everyone must consent. Enthusiastically. No surprise fingers in holes. I feel Like I shouldn’t have to say that. But you’d be surprised how often I hear this method of attack suggested in media and real life.

• Make sure you’re caring for him emotionally. Remember, even a thug can get a little emotional when in a compromising position. Face down ass up and many positions that make anal easier, while amazingly hot, might also trigger some new feelings for him.

• Don’t tell anyone. Seriously, shut your fucking mouth about it unless he gives you permission. Yes, even to your closest friends who would never tell a soul. Do not betray his privacy to get it off your chest, or worse, idle gossip. I know that sounds harsh but it’s a hard-line boundary for many, MANY men. Your ability to keep it quiet, if that’s what he wants, will let him know you’re worthy of trust and more booty.


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