Boys will be boys and other folksy parent advice explained

Boys will be boys and other folksy parent advice explained

Dissecting your parent’s advice is tough as a dumb kid, especially cause parents are usually just repeating shit their parents said. They’re just big doofuses doing the best they can. So, let me lend you both a hand and clarify what the fuck they mean with their folksy life advice. You might be surprised how insightful it is, even if you didn’t know it at the time.


You need to stand on your own two feet

We think this means:

• Be able to go at it alone and never rely on anyone

• You don’t need no man/woman/partner to make life work

What it really means:

• Learn to soothe your emotions! I can’t be your pacifier forever.

• Make better decisions with foresight and without the plan to have mum and pa bail you out.

• You’re a fuck up and honestly, at this point IDK what else to say to your irresponsible ass

• When in a family system give back, don’t always get carried. Help take the weight off the people you love. Never get so mentally weak you can’t carry your full weight and your weaker teammates incase of emergencies.


Experience life before you settle down

We think this means:

• If you make a choice in your youth, you’ll regret it forever

• Discard any chance at stability until you’re ready to accept it

• Take every opportunity available to you

What it really means:

• I’ve allowed new choices available now to make me bitter I got married, made a family and have the best possible life most people could wish for

• Make sure your life choices are aligned with your heart and nor your fear

• Make good choices about your partner. Learn what it takes to make a relationship work and do that


Boys/girls only want one thing

What we think it means:

• Men are mindless sex crazed whores

• Girls are flighty gold diggers

What it really means:

• Men want cooperation on all levels. Your willingness to give them sex is related to your willingness to help with all parts of the homestead if called upon. There are other ways to show it but this is our nature. Give cooperation to those who’re worthy.

• Women want security on all levels. Your wiliness to share while protecting the home will prove your worthiness as a mate. There are other ways to show it but this is our nature. Don’t let people abuse this, even your mate.

• I’ve let people use and abuse me because they made me feel good. Don’t do that. Be a better judge of character.


Boys will be boys

What we think it means

• Anything men do is ok cause they’re men. Just let them.

What it really means

• Mind women’s business. They respect our sphere of social control. Do the same.

• Boys and girls are inherently different thanks to biology. Do not try to make boys behave like girls because we need their unique traits even in modern civility. Ignore your instincts to intervene in boys matters, they will figure it out in their own way.

• A good dog is a tired dog. Boys need to move and get that energy out. Imagine they’re like boxer dogs who will literally die if they aren’t drained of their entire life force daily. Yes, even the calmer ones will still need to release that energy.

• Celebrate our differences. Enjoy the fact that your hormones don’t make you wanna act like a rabbid animal for “fun” constantly. We only get rabbid on a blood moon.


Money doesn't grow on trees

What we think it means

• We’re poor. Be scared.

• Money is scarce and difficult to come by, leading to a scarcity mindset and fear around money.

What it really means

• We didn’t teach you the value of a dollar so no we’re shaming you instead

• I don’t think that purchase is worth my money

• Get a job you slob

• Make me a deal to do more work and I’ll probably get it for you. That’s how this relationship works, reciprocation.


You Can Be Anything You Want To Be

What we think it means

• We can literally be anything.

• You have no limitations in life.

What it really means

• With hard work you are capable of reaching as high as you want despite things that might set or hold you back.

• You’re not locked to living their life if you hate it. Make sure to experience other lifestyles to find the one that fits best for you and be prepared to work for it.

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