39 is middle age - plan accordingly

39 is middle age - plan accordingly

With the average American lifespan now sitting at a solid 80 years, the age of 39 is now middle aged. Breathe. Breathe. As a 35.5-year-old, I understand the pain. Time is short and there are some things that you must solidify and understand to prevent yourself from ending up sick, lonely and poor on top of being old.


Take care of your health

Folks today are in fucking horrible shape. We don’t do anything active; we eat whatever we want and think social acceptance or validation is gonna stop a heart attack or immobility. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and seeing your doctor for regular check-ups.  Check your titties, check your nuts, check your prostate. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and managing your stress levels. Stop doing so many drugs. If you feel hungover, it’s time to stop. Care for your posture. Get therapy and meds if needed to make taking care of yourself easier.


Reassess your romantic value to others

It’s time to cut the shit. If you’re still single, it’s your fault. Accepting your own strengths and weaknesses will help you understand what your worth to others. It’s important to be realistic with yourself. Your personal self-worth is not related to how others value you in a romantic setting. Your looks have faded, you’re not as fun, you’re riddled with debt, your knees are bad, you are not as valuable anymore. If you passed on better partners in past, you won’t get those chances again. Know your real worth and get it.


Stop gaining “experience”

For some reason, millennials and gen z seem to think they have all the time in the world to waffle and gain “experience” before settling down. Little do they know, experience is just trauma that’ll make them less successful and more fearful in relationships. Experience is something that comes with family and building a life. If you wanted freedom, you could’ve built your family early and experienced the benefits of life later. But you didn’t and there’s nothing you can do except to start living and building stability all your own and hope someone will want to nest inside. Settle down.


Bury your dreams

Stop holding on to aspirations that probably won’t happen. Yeah, it’s possible your dreams are Jesus but they’re usually just rotting carcasses – dead weight. Since extra weight is bad for your health, this should be an easy sell. The plan for marriage and a family is not likely to pan out any longer. Birthing a child is now considered geriatric. You don’t have the hunger to fight the top of your field anymore. It’s time to bury your dreams.


Start dreaming again

Just cause the dreams of your childhood are dead doesn’t mean you can’t make more. You’re not gonna have a baby but you can foster or adopt a child. You won’t be CEO but you can save and make sure your retired life is comfortable. You likely won’t become a rich man’s beautiful bride, but you can find a man who could cooperate with what you’re building. Remember, it's never too late to start making positive changes in your life. With some effort and planning, you can solidify your future and make the most of the years you have left.

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