107 ways to please your body

107 ways to please your body

The body’s ability to feel pleasure is so expansive I don’t think we’ll ever achieve full knowledge of its capabilities. Yet, even though we’ve discovered a lot of great things it can do and experience, few people explore for themselves. To help give you a few good ideas, I wanted to jump start your knowledge with an ever-expanding list of ways to please your body.

Here at The Butters, we believe that pleasure is a right. I come from a background in sex education, hence why we make lube and other sex stuff. But be aware, this list, like our products, isn’t all about sexuality - it’s mostly sensuality, and connectedness to the body. I think we can all use a little more of that, especially after COVID lockdown.

This list is not comprehensive. So, if you have one you’d like to see on the list, please leave it in the comments below.

1.       Touch – To make contact of any sort. Usually firm contact.

2.       Intimacy – A literal physical or emotional sense of closeness.

3.       Grab – Closing your hand to grasp.

4.       Rub – Making firm contact with hands and moving them in a usually rhythmic motion.

5.       Tickle – Flicking fingers and using the tips to stimulate an area on the body.

6.       Slap – Using something wide (i.e. open hand, penis, breast) to make forceful contact, usually meant to cause pain.

7.       Punch – Using a fist to make impact.

8.       Scratch – Dragging a single point, like a fingernail, or several separated points across the skin firmly.

9.       Bite – Using the teeth to put pressure on an area.

10.   Nibble – A light bite, usually involves making a short chomping motion with the jaw.

11.   Lick – Dragging the tongue over an area.

12.   Kiss – Making contact with pursed lips.

13.   Smell – Sensing with the nose.

14.   Taste – Sensing with the tongue.

15.   Sight – Sensing with the eyes.

16.   Hearing – Sensing with the ears.

17.   Caress – A light, usually slowly moving touch.

18.   Spank – Using a wide device like a hand to slap the butt, specifically.

19.   Flog – Using a flogger to whip.

20.   Paddle – To hit with a paddle (wide, flat).

21.   Cane – To hit with a thin rod or cane.

22.   Pinch – To squeeze a small area between two things, like fingers.

23.   Penetrate – To insert something into something else.

24.   Fist – Penetrate with a fist.

25.   Finger – Penetrate with 1-4 fingers.

26.   Suck – Applying vacuum suction.

27.   Lap (like a dog) – Quick repetitive motions with the flat of your tongue.

28.   Clamp – Using a device to apply pressure or pinch.

29.   Twist – To rotate.

30.   Pull – To force something towards yourself.

31.   Push – To force something away from yourself.

32.   Bend – To make something straight into a curve or angle.

33.   Stroke – To move your hand gently over something repeatedly.

34.   Massage – Rubbing and kneading with the hands.

35.   Squeeze – Firmly press or apply pressure.

36.   Restrain – To stop from moving partially or completely.

37.   Suspend – To fully support something, lift in the air.

38.   Sensory deprivation – To inhibit one’s senses.

39.   Electro – Using electricity to stimulate the body.

40.   Douse – To cover in liquid.

41.   Choke – To limit the amount of air a person can breathe at the neck.

42.   Feed – To put food in someone’s mouth.

43.   Strip – To take off.

44.   Moaning – A long slow sound.

45.   Reading – To interpret text or braille.

46.   Watching – To look at attentively.

47.   Heating – To raise temperature.

48.   Cooling – To lower the temperature.

49.   Pressure – To apply continuous force.

50.   Whipping – To hit with a whip.

51.   Cropping – To hit with a crop.

52.   Piercing – Using a sharp, pointed object to penetrate something at a single point.

53.   Hugging – To squeeze tightly with arms.

54.   Cuddling – To hold close or intertwine bodies.

55.   Groping – To touch all over randomly.

56.   Humping – To make a pelvic thrust on something.

57.   Feeling – Sensing through touch.

58.   Dancing – To move the body rhythmically.

59.   Holding – To grasp.

60.   Compressing – To flatten or shrink with pressure.

61.   Kicking – To hit with the foot.

62.   Role-play – Playing pretend as different characters.

63.   Communication – Sharing one’s thoughts, feelings and experiences.

64.   Submission – The action or fact of accepting and yielding to a superior force.

65.   Dominance – The action or fact of being a superior force.

66.   Sadism – Enjoyment of causing others pain.

67.   Masochism – Enjoying receiving pain.

68.   Lying – Making false statements.

69.   Dress up – Changing your appearance to match a mental state.

70.   Loving – Feeling, showing affection.

71.   Using – Consensually manipulating one’s body or possession for sexual pleasure. 

72.   Vibrating – Using a device that shakes in short repetitive motions.

73.   Ignoring – Refusing to notice or acknowledge something.

74.   Washing – To cleanse.

75.   Cuffing – To restrain at the wrist or ankle.

76.   Throwing – To force something in a single direction without support.

77.   Scraping – A multiple-point or large scratch hard enough to remove an outer layer of something.

78.   Cutting – To split with a sharp object.

79.   Gliding – A steady gentle motion.

80.   Tapping – A short contact, usually repeated with a single point.

81.   Poking – A darting contact, usually repeated with a finger.

82.   Hypnosis – A state of consciousness where a person loses control of voluntary actions and is very susceptible to suggestion.

83.   Suspense – Excitement or anxious uncertainty at what may happen.

84.   Frighten – To make someone feel fear or anxiety.

85.   Exhilarating – An energetic feeling of excitement, happiness or elation.

86.   Breathing – Taking air into the lungs and pushing it back out.

87.   Spitting – Eject saliva from the mouth.

88.   Urinate – Releasing urine.

89.   Defecate – Releasing fecal matter.

90.   Fetching – To catch something and take it where it needs to go.

91.   Filling – Put something inside of something, creating a pleasing satiation.

92.   Depressurizing – To remove pressure.

93.   Restricting – To limit or keep under control.

94.   Manipulate – To handle or control with influence.

95.   Gagging – The sound and action of choking.

96.   Blinding – To take away the ability to see.

97.   Deafening – To take away the ability to hear. 

98.   Eating – To put food in the mouth, chew and swallow.

99.   Feeding — To put food in someone else’s mouth, chew and swallow.

100. Graze – Casual sample bits of someone.

101. Blowing – To push air out through pursed lips.

102.  Soaking – To cover in liquid.

103. Teasing – To playfully tempt someone.

104. Fondling – Stroke or caress lovingly or erotically.

105. Hurting – Cause pain or injury.

106. Savor – To enjoy slowly and completely.

107.    Get the Butters!


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