Herbal Solutions medical marijuana dispensary - ypsilicious Review

The storefront of Herbal Solutions in Downtown Ypsilanti, MI

The storefront of Herbal Solutions in Downtown Ypsilanti, MI

Bottom Line:

Herbal Solutions is one of the first dispensaries I’ve visited that made me comfortable on my first visit. There’s plenty of quality bud for great prices. The shopping experience is incredibly human. Herbal Solutions currently my absolute favorite dispensary in Ypsilanti and the first reviewee to receive the Ypsilicious stamp of approval.


Some places in Ypsi feel like a product of gentrification, satisfying the unnecessarily specific needs of entitled yuppies too broke to live in Ann Arbor. Luckily, Herbal Solutions dispensary manages to avoid that fate, while still offering quality products and my favorite shopping experience of any dispensary thus far.


Herbal Solutions

124 West Michigan Avenue

Ypsilanti, MI 48197

734-487-THC1 (8421)

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Herbal Solutions location is the most convenient and easiest to find of all dispensaries in the city. It sits right next The Rocket, across the street from Citizens Bank (formerly Charter One) in Michigan Ave. If you drive, parking might be hard to come by, but there is lots of parking nearby. If you’re on the bus, it’s less than 5 minutes from Ypsi Transit.

If you’re disabled, Herbal Solutions is normally pretty accessible. Though, there are some brick sidewalk areas at all the nearest corners that become incredibly slick every winter – the area directly in front is normally shoveled and salted. I’ve fallen no less than 3 times each winter on the brick portion and I’m a (mostly) able-bodied 28-year-old – something to think about during Ypsi’s war-torn winters.



Herbal Solutions is pretty Spartan looking inside and out. When you first step inside. It actually reminds me of a toned down version of a tattoo parlor or barber shop. Behind the locked door – in the service area – it’s equally uncluttered, clean and functional. There doesn’t seem to be any extraneous design or scene setting; you’re here for medicine, not pretension. 

Their two shopping rooms are set up for a personal shopping experience. Each featuring two shelving units for products, a desk lined with jars of their bud, capsules, creams, etc. and an amazingly comfortable leather chair.


Selection & Cost

Each time I’ve been visited, they’ve had somewhere around 20 different strain options at donation suggestions ranging from $10-$20. I didn’t notice any exclusives, but the selection was wide enough to suit almost any taste. Also, they offer a customer loyalty card that gives you a chance to earn a $20 or $60 bonus.

They offer a huge selection of concentrates, including shatter, crumble, bubble hash, oil and jelly. Pricing on those is better than I got through illegal routes and the quality is much better.  

Edible and alternative application wise, their selection could be bigger, but it’s unlikely they don’t have something you’ll want. From lemonade and cough syrup to brownies and pain relief cream, they’ve got some practical-yet-delicious options.



Not gonna lie, each time I’m whisked away to one of Herbal Solutions’ private shopping rooms, I feel like a VIP. It’s not really so special, but I never realized how much I like shopping when no one else is around. It’s an incredibly intimate, personal experience. It’s just you, the budtender and the meds.

The buds you take home are in large jars behind the tender and the ones you sample are lined up in front of you in smaller labeled jars on their desk. Yes, you sit down in front of a row of all their product and you’re allowed to touch, smell and experience them hands-on, without having to ask.

Once you pick your medicines, they clip extra stems and weigh it out right in front of you. They’ve got many different containers to choose from, which is helpful if you like to mix and match.  You get to hand select your concentrates, which you browse on a well-organized wooden tray. It’s kind of magical, like those movie scenes where they hand you a glass of champagne and bring you racks of clothing to scowl at.

It’s usually less than 5 minutes altogether, but it’s still a pretty cool experience.  



I’ve been helped by two different guys, so far, and they’ve both provided excellent service - friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, patient. The budtenders are more willing to share their experiences than other places, which comes across as more human and personable. It’s like the difference between Frank’s Drugs and Walgreens and it makes a huge impact.

Although, on one of my trips, the receptionist gave me a bit of an interrogation over why I hadn’t gotten my hard MMMP card. As if I’m responsible for Lansing’s molasses-like speed. I get they’re trying to prevent unauthorized access, but … still.



So far I’ve tried 7 strains of bud, 1 of shatter, and 4 strains of wax, all of which felt like a great value – somewhat of a steal. Their OG1 Kenobi and Girl Scout Cookie offer a great combo of energy and focus, along with a luxurious smoke – the former is my current overall favorite. Their Blue Dream and Cherry Pie wax tastes amazing and offer a smooth vaping experience.

I also split a Fruity Pebbles bar, which was stellar, but I’ve yet to dive into their edible selection to any depth. 

First timers get a free 1 gram Raw cone pre-roll, with purchase. I found that the roll on those wasn’t the greatest. It was packed a little too loosely. I felt like I had to be delicate while smoking or I’d get burning embers in my lap; it didn’t happen, though.

The person I went with had the same problem, but also found the tip on his opened in the bottle. If you aren’t able to roll your own, they might not be a reliable option for you. It’s smell, taste and effectiveness was exceptional, though.