Depot Town Dispensary Review


Bottom line:  Depot Town Dispensary is clearly a place that focuses on the upscale experience. Definitely worth a look for rare or unique strains and a wide variety of edibles. If you frequent Depot Town and love that kind of atmosphere, this is the best option for you in the area. For me though, they’re simply priced too high to receive my regular patronage, like most other shops in that area of town.


Depot Town Dispensary

35 E. Cross St.

Ypsilanti, MI 48198




·         Sunday 10:00am - 9:00pm

·         Monday 10:00am - 9:00pm

·         Tuesday 10:00am - 9:00pm

·         Wednesday 10:00am - 9:00pm

·         Thursday 10:00am - 9:00pm

·         Friday 10:00am - 9:00pm

·         Saturday 10:00am - 9:00pm


The first time I visited a medical marijuana dispensary, I was practically floating with excitement. After waiting for so long to pass those frosted gates, I would finally be allowed entry. The folks at Depot Town Dispensary in Ypsilanti, MI had a lot to live up to; thankfully, while not quite as wild as my imagination hoped, it was quite magical indeed.


Location: Getting to Depot Town Dispensary is about as easy as getting most anywhere else in Ypsi. It’s right in the main Depot Town area; in the same row as Sticks, Aubree’s and Depot Town Tattoo across from Maiz, which I still need to try out.

Depot Town itself is only served by the 11 bus, but it stops right outside the dispensary - convenient. If you drive, there’s lots of parking all over the area. If you’re walking, it’s only takes about 12 minutes to get from the Michigan and S Huron area to their front door. It’s a shorter distance if you cut through Riverside Park, but then there’s two rather large staircases to contend with.


Look: When I first visited Depot Town Dispensary, I was rather disappointed by how pedestrian it all looked, but in a good way; it’s essentially a head shop meets local pharmacy. It’s a welcoming atmosphere, overall, but the waiting area definitely gives you a feeling of general respectability and wealth, with its storybook 1900’s era feel.

It’s clean, uncluttered and the product displays are put together in a thoughtful-yet-enticing way. Still, it was my first experience, so I was under the impression it’d be more … grand? I did feel a little out of place on my first go ‘round, but in subsequent visits Depot Town Dispensary and others, it feels as normal as heading to Frank’s Drugs for my other prescriptions.


Selection: Although I imagined there’d be a Super Walmart-sized selection of things to buy, Depot Town Dispensary offered a selection that’s wide, but manageable. For this area, it seems average to have 20 or more strain options, plus concentrates (shatter, crumble, hash, oil, jelly, etc.) and edibles – along with other various products for different needs.

Depot Town Dispensary had a smaller selection of buds and concentrates, than other dispensaries I’ve been to, but everything looked and smelled like quality. Smell, specifically seemed to be a strong point, while only a few struck me visually. Everything was well trimmed. It all gave me a premium vibe, like the rest of Depot Town.

They also had some rare strains and something called moon rocks: bud covered in shatter then dusted with keef at far out prices.


Staff: Everyone I’ve dealt with so far has been polite and helpful. When I first went, I didn’t have my physical card yet and there weren’t any extra interrogating questions demanding I explain why the State of Michigan or USPS moves so damn slow. The guy behind the counter who helped me on the first visit was knowledgeable and seemed more excited than bothered to explain anything I wanted to know about each of their strains.

On my second visit, I was helped by a cheerful, earthy black lady, who happens to be the only person of color I’ve ever seen working at dispensary around here so far. So, that’s a definite plus in their favor.


Experience: The shopping experience is very easy. Everything is laid out in the open, except for edibles which are featured in a menu on the counter. The buds are in little jars, in a display case – you’ll have to ask to handle them up close, like a jewelry store. While the staff is helpful and willing to show and talk about everything, I wish I didn’t have to ask.

From the way everything is set up, I get the feeling it’s well tailored to the type of customer who shops in Depot Town regularly. I am not that kind of person, but I appreciate a good shopping experience. Luckily, they managed to be less bourgeois than most other shops down there, except in one way...

Keep in mind: Like all the other dispensaries around here, they only take cash. Also, I found it difficult to find a current menu with prices online; I suggest calling before going in.


Cost: Their donation asks for bud are on the high side overall for me.

“Depot Town Dispensary is outrageously priced. Very friendly, professional knowledgeable staff, but outrageously priced.” – KP, Ypsilanti resident and patient.

I was floored by the smell of lemon cake and chose to pay the $20/gram price. However, for everything else I saw, the pricing was always more than I thought it should be. None of what I selected was lower than $15 a gram and most were $20. I get the same sticker shock feeling every time I visit an Apple store.

Their pre-rolls are about standard at $10. Edibles where priced acceptably, but concentrates, et. all were priced out of the range I’d pay. I make $11.85/hr, so an extra couple bucks makes a lot of difference for me. I shouldn’t have to work 2 hours to buy a single gram.

My second trip brought a top shelf special: 1 gram/$20, 2 gram/$30, 3 grams/$40. That’s nice and all, but if I only had $20 to spare, I’m walking away feeling ripped off, even if it’s good quality.


The Product: I walked out of Depot Town Dispensary with a free pre-roll for my first visit and a bit of Lemon Cake bud. The second visit, I tried out a gram of twilight 101 ($20/gram) and OG 1 ($20/gram). I’d never seen twilight anywhere else, but OG was half the price at Herbal Solutions.

The pre-roll – a gram of unknown flower in a Raw cone – had some fine craftsmanship, excellent smell/taste and burned well, despite being dispensed without a bottle. 

The lemon cake bud was so good, it became one of my absolute favorite smoking/vaping strains on first hit; it had a surprisingly potent flavor and aroma combo distinct and unmatched. I will definitely have to stock up if they still have some next time. Interestingly, it was also the only dispensary bud I’ve found seeds in, so far; I don’t mind that, but some people do – thought I should mention it.

Twilight 101 – a very rare strain – was yet another taste explosion, though the smell didn’t betray that at all. I flicked that lighter, inhaled, and jumped back – a real treat. The rest was just ok. For the price, I expected more in terms of performance and, had they been priced more affordably, I wouldn’t be as harsh on them.

I never bothered to try any edibles or concentrates. They’re more of a special occasion deal for me and, with the cost of their bud, I rarely had a couple extra bucks to try something new.