Boylesque at Tap Room slays

I love a good drag show. Sure Boylesque has got a monopoly on the Ypsilanti drag market, that doesn't make their shows any less gay or entertainting.

Real talk, Boylesque is like the only nightlife I look forward to in the area. Tres sad but true. I've been quite few times since they moved from now closed Depot Town bar Woodruffs to Tap Room on Michigan Ave and Washington in downtown. 

Earlier this year, one of my local faves Sabin came so I made a point to drag my old crotchety ass out to see the show. You should read the in-depth interview I did with her for Between the Lines. Her life is hella interesting. While I never got around to cutting together a special video, I did recently upload some footage from the night that's pretty dope. Check it out below and make sure to check out Boylesque the next time they're at Tap Room.