Brown Sugar & Honey Body/Hair Butter | No. 2

Brown Sugar & Honey Body/Hair Butter | No. 2


The Butters Original Recipe blend with natural brown sugar scent oils. The scent is warm, creamy, sweet, and luxurious. Together they make a  decadent and conditioning experience. 

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The Butters Original Recipe blend with natural brown sugar scent oils. The scent is warm, creamy, sweet, and luxurious. Together they make a  decadent and conditioning experience. 

The Butters Original is ICONIC! Truly! It's my crown jewel and the zenith of all-purpose moisture. With my new Butters, you're in for a new treat unlike any other!   It's an incredibly versatile blend of shea butter, olive, coconut, and grapeseed oils plus aloe. Use for any external or internal hygiene need: Body lotion, scalp & hair conditioner, cuticle care, post dialysis skin repair, protecting baby’s skin, etc.

This is the first Butters product, original recipe. A classic that remains the standard for multipurpose moisture.



4.8oz Jar

100% vegan, organic, and wheat-free

Ingredients: shea butter, grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, soy oil, palm oil, aloe, guar gum, apple cider vinegar, salt, lavender essential oil

*On the rare occasion I'm out of one, it will be substituted with pure cocoa butter #upgrade

Scent: French lavender essential oil 

100% Free of: Scents, wheat dyes, preservatives, sugar, glycerin, sweeteners, parabens, silicone, alcohol, added water, fillers, stabilizers, thickeners, gluten, phthalates


Suggested Uses:

Hair, Skin & Nail Conditioner

Ashiness Eraser

Massage Lotion

Face Cleanser

Makeup Remover

Leather & Wood Care

Hot Oil Treatment

Shaving Lubricant

Beard Conditioner

Skin Protector

Tattoo Aftercare




How The Butters Works:

For pure, easy to absorb moisture, we have aloe juice. To give your skin essential vitamins and lipids we have coconut and grapeseed oil. To protect from the elements and give your skin time to fully absorb the thinner oils, we add soy bean and palm oil. For extended release moisture, conditioning and protection from ashiness, I add shea. To hold that moisture to your skin, balance shine and absorb sweat, we have guar gum. Finally, to make sure you're balanced inside and out, clean and shining healthily, we add apple cider vinegar.

Nothing else you've tried will match the results or harmony that The Butters creates with the body. Inside and out, it works without worry. No one should be forced to choose between being ashy or greasy. Nor should we have to buy a menagerie of products at a hefty markup to help our body do its thing. The Butters works so well because it doesn't try to manufacture quick results; it supports and balances what you've already got.



Reviews of The Butters


"I mixed The Butters with some Eco Styler gel and looooooved it. I have to get more from you. Let you know when."


- Sheryl J.

Ypsilanti, MI



"The Butters it's great for my curls! I've been using it instead of coconut oil and it's perfect."


- Katelyn P.

Ypsilanti, MI



“I love the whipped texture and the light delicate scent. It’s really easy for your skin and hair to absorb.”

- Hanaa B.Z.

Ann Arbor, MI



“The Butters leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky. It's like using an oil, but with the feel of a whipped cream and without the oily residue and buildup.”

- Juanita T.

Ypsilanti, MI



“The Butters after the first time use left my skin feeling hydrated. Appreciated the odor free nature of it. The natural oils make your skin soft after a couple of days and also reduced persistent muscle pains that had before. In other words... love it!”

- Xiomara L.G.

Ypsilanti, MI