Body Work & Massage Oil | Sunflower X Grapeseed

Body Work & Massage Oil | Sunflower X Grapeseed

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Level up your foot service, shoulder rubs, physical rehab, and spa sessions with the silky, tactile movement with my handcrafted Body Work & Massage Oil. Designed to transfer body heat, move, and moisturize without feeling greasy.

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Peacefully scented and packed with skin softening fatty acids and anti-oxidants from jojoba, sunflower & grapeseed oils, my oil is the perfect solution for a soothed & satisfied massage recipient.


Instructions: Dispense into hand for cleaner application. Dispense on massage recipient for wide coverage.


Packaged with an orifice reducer for safer warming and cleaner application. Optional pump top.


8oz Bottle

Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, grapeseed oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, JoJoba oil, Isopropyl myristate, fragrance

External use only


How my massage oil works:

  • Sunflower oil - Helps skin retain moisture. Effective for dry skin and beneficial for those with oil over production. A nutritional powerhouse. It’s a mixture of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, mostly omega-6s and -9s. It's as naturally rich in vitamin e. Anti-inflammatory.

  • Grapeseed oil - Polyphenols, vitamin E, flavonoids, linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, antimicrobial, supports adaptogenic activity (promotes homeostasis and lower stress), helps acne & dermatitis, reduces age spots, heals /prevents sun burn, varicose veins, rheumatoid arthritis, bruising, PMS symptoms, moisture & condition

  • Apricot Kernel Oil - A great emollient moisturizer. Reduces inflammation when applied topically. High in vitamin e & k. Helps even skin tone by nutritionally supporting cellular regeneration. High in fatty acids.

  • Red raspberry seed oil - The highest and widest SPF UV protection of any oil. SPF value was found to be 28-50 for UVB rays, and 6.75 – 7.5 for UVA rays. UVB rays are the rays that cause sunburn. UVA rays are what contribute to aging and skin cancer. Packed with carotenoids - strong antioxidants that inhibit UV damage and stimulate cell repair - 23 mg/100 g of oil. Incredibly high natural  vitamin E content: Alpha Tocopherol: 12.6mg/100g, Gamma Tocopherol: 19.4mg/100g. It's approximately 52-56% Linoleic acid (omega 6)  and Alpha-29-33% linolenic acid (omega 3). Anti-inflammatory properties. Ellagic acid to reduce collagen loss and provide UV protection. Antioxidants phytosterols promote new collagen production, leading to healthier, younger-looking skin. In effect, it's a great moisturizer, improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, promotes healthy skin.

  • Jojoba - very similar to the natural oil or sebum humans create. It's molecularly a liquid wax and helps create a seal over tissues. Some of the most notable benefits of jojoba oil include its ability to moisturize the hair, prevent hair loss, reduce inflammation, prevent acne, soothe sunburn and psoriasis, rejuvenate the skin, eliminate dandruff, fight free radical damage, boost the immune system and speed up the healing process. Jojoba oil is rich in iodine, which fights harmful bacteria growth that leads to breakouts. The antioxidants present in jojoba oil soothe fine lines, wrinkles and naturally slow down other signs of aging. Jojoba oil contains beneficial ingredients, including vitamin E, vitamin B complex - High in B5, silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. It has a very high percentage of iodine at 82 percent, which gives jojoba oil its power to heal. It contains three fatty acids: erucic (13.6 percent), gadoleic (71.3 percent) and oleic (11.2 percent).