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Referral Program (beta)

Money cat is here to rain on you.

Money cat is here to rain on you.

Thanks for your interest in advocating for The Butters. It's my baby and damn it, I love to see 'er grow. I also love being able to share the wealth fairly.


Here's how it works:

Like every other affiliate or referral program, you get money for helping to promote my brand: The Butters. Although, unlike those other programs, it's my hope to actually put money in your pocket, instead of wasting your labor on fruitless shilling. 


I've been working from home and hustling online for years, I know it's difficult. I tried and will continue to maintain balance, fairness, and


  • Coupon Code Based - you get your own and it can be shared anywhere.

  • They get 5% off to increase the chances they'll remember the code

  • You receive unlimited 12% of their total purchase price on all items including sale and clearance, etc.

  • Paid out quarterly via PayPal, no minimum. You'll always have your cash within 30 days of the end of the quarter. I'll pay the fee's up to $20 per quarter.

  • You can request a more frequent transfer, but you'll have to pay the fees. 


Ways to get more money:

  • Put an ad on your site with your code - $10 bonus every payout

  • Review a product on your blog with your code

  • Pitch me something

  • Do a giveaway, get more sales. I've always got a tub of The Butters, some soap, or a couple bath bombs to giveaway. I prefer to send things directly, but I'll give you both a tracking #.

  • Share your code on social media or in person

  • Add The Butters products to your physical or online store


Who's eligible:

Bloggers, vloggers, "influencers," health care pros, porn producers, beauty fans, and anyone else who likes The Butters products. I'm currently unconcerned about follower numbers and page views. I will always be concerned with the quality of your content/site and that you're matching up with the values I stand for. That simply means kind, compassionate, considerate, and fair, not just millennial liberal. So, no worries if you're conservative or controversial. Authenticity is a must. Since I sell products that deal with sexuality and health, you must also remain scientifically accurate. Visit if you have questions about what I find acceptable there.



  • Money

  • Chances at free products

  • Money

  • You're dealing with me and my sweetie. You'll never be more than one email away from the person whose livelihood depends on mutual success.

  • Money

  • You'll be enabling my hermit tendencies, which is good for all of us right?

  • Also, money.



Right now, everything about The Butters is in flux. I'm remaining flexible to give myself the best chance of success at my highly principled and lofty goals. As such, these terms are able to change and I can cancel it at any time, but I'll give you two weeks' notice and pay out within 30 days of that. You can quit anytime. I will also remain clear with you about changes to the program. If you have any suggestion on how to make this better, let me know.

US only for now.

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