*POSITION FILLED* Production Assistant

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Job title:

Production Assistant aka Really Cool Job Title That Looks Amazingly Impressive on your resume (but irrelevant to your work here)



$11/hour + 20% commission cut

10% hourly rate bonus for short-notice shift (>24 hours) offers

You also will receive bonuses for special assignments

Paid daily (unless prior arrangements made) via one of the many traceable methods, including ACH Direct Deposit, Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle

Hours and shifts:

Expect 2-3 shifts/week, 6-12 hours to start. Shift times, length, and days are flexible but reliable once set. This is a rough estimate. If you’re inventive enough, you’ll be able to get up to full time quickly.


207 Ballard St., Ypsilanti, MI 48197



·       Annual raises

·       You’ll be able to build a custom career

·       Save on childcare — since you work in a home, you’ll be able to bring the little one along

·       You will leave work with enough energy to actually enjoy the rest of your day

·       “Easygoing” boss (according to a current employee)

·       Flexible and reliable work schedules

·       Easy bus access & free parking

·       Same-day pay

·       No uniforms

·       Free tea, coffee, filtered water, personal-use printing (yes, even color), merch, and usually snacks

·       50% discount on items for personal use

·       As the company grows, we’ll get health insurance, retirement, and all the life-stabilizing benefits we need



About The Butters

The Butters Hygienics Co. (aka The Butters) is a home-based manufacturer of affordable vegan cosmetics. In other words, I make, pack, sell, and ship body butters, shampoos, bath bombs, lip balm, scrubs, masks, lube, hair gel, conditioner, body oil, soaps, and anything else I can make better than the big brands for a better price.

Culture-wise, The Butters is balanced, chill, focused, and efficient. There’s always music or podcasts playing. We have a lot of fun, always stay stocked with tasty tea and coffee, and often surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish. The team currently is 33% genderfluid, 66% queer, 66% POC, and 100% punk. New ideas welcome.


What you’ll be doing:

·       Primarily: Filling, labeling, shrink wrapping, and organizing product containers

·       We do a lot, and you will, too. Your tasks can include (but are far from limited) to:

·       Cleaning and organization (big and small jobs, no bio hazards or extreme grossness)

·       Assisting in production (hand me this and that, put this here, etc.)

·       Quality control (answering questions like, “Is that Butters silky to you?”)

·       Fulfilling orders

·       Providing feedback on ideas and products

·       Watering plants

·       Working on Butters-provided computers in apps like Trello, OneNote, InDesign, and Microsoft Office

·       On rare occasion, lifting up to 50 lbs (accommodations can be made)


You’ll be good at this position if:

·       You’re ambitious and adaptive

·       You’ve worked in health & beauty, retail, baking and pastry work, manual letter filling, phone banks, catering, or as an assistant

·       You’re widely literate and interested in learning

·       You can communicate complex ideas well

·       You don’t mind working quietly, or, alternatively, being the sole audience for my work-day concerts

·       You’re good at problem-solving and adapt well to changes in activity

·       You’re organized and capable of focusing on tasks, even if they’re as boring as watching Butters solidify or as complex as assembling 500-item retail orders

·       You work well with specific verbal instructions

·       You can fix your own problems and bring me the solution

·       You can own your mistakes and make efforts to correct them going forward

·       You don’t mind working in my apartment

·       You can access my apartment. There are no ramps into the building. I don’t mind giving a helping hand or accommodating disabilities, but I am limited in my ability to do so. There are some tasks that can be done remotely for the right candidate.


Possible hazards:

·       Particulate from powders, salts, earths, and other ingredients. Masks available.

·       Heat gun is hot. Gloves and heat protection available.

·       While I will do all the actual making of things, you might have to use or be near professional tools such as drills, mixers, immersion blenders, scissors, paper cutters, staplers, garbage disposal, vacuum, and laundry washing machines. All of these items will have some safety hazards, even in proper use.

·       Literally anything can cause contact dermatitis with enough exposure. We will wear protective gear for production, but it is a concern of any manufacturing situation.

·       Because we use an incredibly wide variety of ingredients, there’s always a chance you may encounter a new and unknown allergen.

·       You may end up with glowing, lustrous skin.

·       You may be asked to work with marijuana-related products.


Things you should know:

·       I am trying to build a team that will stick with me for the long haul. Still, I’m fine with transient help as long as we’re clear on that upfront. 

·       You’ll be working for a fourth-time boss who’s highly opinionated and demanding. This is his second company, which still is in the establishment phase. References available upon request.


If you want to express interest in the position:

Contact Jerome Nichols with your resume/job history and references

Call or text: 734-221-0250


Please give me a way to text or email you. I will let you know the status of your application in either case.