What's in cocoa butter - fatty acid composition

What's in cocoa butter - fatty acid composition

Like many of the other butters we carry, cocoa butter features 3 of the healthy fatty acids: oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid. Uniquely, it features them in roughly equal parts and make up 95.7% of the fats in cocoa butter. It's amazingly rich in Omega 6, 9, & 7 and other antioxidants.

Cocoa Butter Fatty Acid Composition:

·       Saturated: 61.5% (as palmitic acid, stearic acid, myristic acid, arachidic acid)

·       Monounsaturated: 34.8% (as oleic acid omega-9, palmitoleic acid omega-7) 

·       Polyunsaturated: 3.2% (as linoleic acid omega-6)

In practice, this makes it great for anti-aging, healing scars, stretch marks, treatment/preventing chapped or burned skin and lips. It's also an amazing daily moisturizer to prevent dry, itchy skin.  

I love it for my lips and because it makes such an incredibly smooth moisturizer. It’s why our cocoa butter lube and cocoa butter body lotion are so popular!

My cocoa butter comes unrefined or undeodorized. So, it carries that wonderful chocolate smell. Plus, all of its natural nutrients, unlike other kinds that are bleached and filtered.

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