Ultimate FTM Acne Skincare Guide

Ultimate FTM Acne Skincare Guide

Like all acne, FTM acne is the result of skin oil over-production and bacterial growth. Luckily, that's means it's fixable, even if your hormones stay outta wack for a while.


What is FTM acne?

Essentially, FTM acne is just hormonal acne.  Most common in cis women and FTM transmen. Fluctuations in hormone levels lead to pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, papules, or cysts on the cheeks and jawline. Can also appear on neck, back, shoulders, and chest. Can be painful, red, sore & raised.


What can make FTM hormonal acne worse?

    • Stress. Yes, I know you're transitioning and probably stressed. Still, take care of yourself.

    • Pollution. Living in a city, allergens, oils from food and work.

    • High humidity.

    • Squeezing or picking at blemishes. This often increases redness, swelling, & scarring.

    • Poor diet (specifically refined carbohydrates and sugars), which feed bacteria.

    • Dry skin preventing release of old dead skin cells, physically compounding other issues


What can make FTM acne better?

While there's quite a few kinds we'll talk about, cleansing is legitimately the #1 way to keep your specific brand of acne at bay. Cleanse in multiple ways for a deeper more complete clean. You do not need to do all of these every day. Try rotating based the needs of your skin and the seasons. Experiment to find out what works for you. But of course, we’ve got curated starter packs just for you!

    • Soap rids your skin of dirt and pollutants at the top level. Reject the impulse to use soap too often, it'll dry your skin. Make sure your soaps are detergent free. All our cleansers are detergent-free!

    • Oil cleansing dissolves fat soluble material and thicker grime. Oil is the most complete natural cleanser for skin. If you had to pick just one cleansing method, I would suggest oil cleansing for FTM acne.

    • Exfoliating manually or chemically helps Slough off rough physical material like skin cells. I only recommend chemical exfoliators in this guide. You risk creating more scarring with physical exfoliation.

    • Clays and natural earths, including charcoal, offer polarized extraction of material. They also balance oil and shine throughout the day.

    • Sweating serves as a means to cool but also cleanses your pores. Hot showers, Jacuzzis, saunas & exercise are the best ways to sweat safely.

    • Sunlight, while not a traditional cleansing method will kill bacteria and aid in skin health. Wear sunscreen to moderate UV exposure. I do not recommend artificial sunlight or tanning.

    • Cleaning your bedding, masks and anything else that touches your face is gonna prevent reinfection. Switch your pillowcases regularly. Wash your beard area.



FTM Skin Care Starter Packs


Mild to moderate FTM ACNE daily routine

  1. Sweat via your preferred method

  2. Oil Cleanse w oil cleanser

  3. Anti-Aging Facial Toner to exfoliate chemically, hydrate and prevent scarring/hyperpigmentation.

  4. ZZ Moisturizer to seal it all in and add powerful acne killing tea tree oil! Also helps with itchiness.


ZZ spot treatment as needed

Soap cleanse weekly with Detoxifying facial cleanser

Switch your pillowcases weekly


Severe FTM ACNE daily routine

  1. Sweat

  2. Cleanse with Detoxifying facial cleanser

  3. Oil Cleanse w Anti-Aging Face Oil. Dab off excess.

  4. Anti-Aging Facial Toner to exfoliate chemically, hydrate and prevent scarring/hyperpigmentation.

  5. ZZ Moisturizer to seal it all in and add powerful acne killing tea tree oil!


ZZ spot treatment 2x weekly

Water wash your mouth area after meals

Switch your pillowcases at least 3 times per week

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