The Ultimate Guide to GMO vs Non-GMO Oils

The Ultimate Guide to GMO vs Non-GMO Oils

In the diverse world of oils, it's essential to understand which ones are genetically modified (GMO) and which remain in their natural, non-GMO state. At The Butters Hygienics, we believe in transparency, so let's embark on a journey through the extensive list of common oils.

  1. Shea Butter: Non-GMO
  2. Cocoa Butter: Non-GMO
  3. Olive Oil: Non-GMO
  4. Grapeseed Oil: Non-GMO
  5. Apricot Oil: Non-GMO
  6. Avocado Oil: Non-GMO
  7. Argan Oil: Non-GMO
  8. Sweet Almond Oil: Non-GMO
  9. Palm Oil: Some variations may be GMO; choose sustainably sourced options.
  10. Soybean Oil: Commonly GMO; opt for non-GMO or organic.
  11. Red Raspberry Seed Oil: Non-GMO
  12. Cucumber Seed Oil: Non-GMO
  13. Pomegranate Seed Oil: Non-GMO
  14. Beeswax: Non-GMO
  15. Stearic Acid: Typically derived from plants like palm or soy, which can be GMO if not sourced carefully; choose non-GMO or sustainably sourced options.
  16. Corn Oil: Commonly GMO; select non-GMO or organic alternatives.
  17. Coconut Oil: Non-GMO
  18. Jojoba Oil: Non-GMO
  19. Sunflower Oil: Non-GMO
  20. Hemp Seed Oil: Non-GMO
  21. Evening Primrose Oil: Non-GMO
  22. Castor Oil: Non-GMO
  23. Moringa Oil: Non-GMO
  24. Neem Oil: Non-GMO
  25. Flaxseed Oil: Non-GMO

It's important to note that the GMO status of some oils, like palm and soybean, depends on their sourcing. Selecting organic or sustainably harvested options can ensure you're making choices aligned with your values.

In crafting our products at The Butters Hygienics, we prioritize using oils in their purest form, free from genetic modifications. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond crafting exceptional bath and body products to empowering you with knowledge about the ingredients you embrace.

Feel confident in your choices as you explore the vast world of oils, knowing that many of nature's wonders remain untouched by genetic modification. Your journey to wellness is enriched when armed with information, and at The Butters Hygienics, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Stay true to your pursuit of a simple, unsophisticated life filled with love, generosity, and warmth, all while embracing the richness of natural oils that stand true to their origins. Here's to your holistic well-being and the joy of making informed, mindful choices. #GetTheButters #NaturalWellness

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